Picture of Liquor Lamp
an easy way to turn an empty liquor bottle into a cool lamp.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of materials
you will need...

-empty bottle
-glass drill bit
-cord (with switch)
-light socket
-light bulb
-electrical tape

Step 2: Drill the hole

Picture of drill the hole
wash the empty bottle with warm soapy water so mould doesnt grow when the lamp is done.

drill a hole into the side of the bottle near the bottom. this is where the lamp cord will enter.

only use a drill bit that is meant for cutting glass, a typical bit wont work. if you dont have a glass bit you can pick one up at any hardware store for about $5.

Step 3: Clean the hole

Picture of clean the hole
its a good idea to take a file to the edges of the drilled hole. the glass is sharp and could cut the cord which wouldnt be fun.

Step 4: Feed the wire

Picture of feed the wire
feed the wire through the drilled hole and pull it out through the top.

Step 5: Connect the socket

Picture of connect the socket
strip the ends of the wires and connect them to the screws on the socket

Step 6: Electrical tape

Picture of electrical tape
put some electrical tape around the contact points to cover them. you can also keep the tape going and use it to hold the socket tight to the bottle.

Step 7: Screw in the bulb

Picture of screw in the bulb
once the socket is firmly in place screw in the bulb.

Step 8: Put on the shade

Picture of put on the shade
youre done!
I got a plug at home depot that comes apart with a screw, then used wire strippers to clear the ends of my lamp wire, and bolted them into the new plug. Its easy and clean, and the plug was only $1.99, about the same price as electrical tape.