Liquorice Liqueur, also called in Italian black soul (anima nera) is an excellent sweet and digestive liqueur with a flavour of black liquorice. If you try it you will love it !!!

You can find the italian recipe on my site http://www.federicoferrazzani.eu/.

Step 1: Ingredients

You need the following ingredients:

700 cc of water
40/50 gr of 100% pure liquorice extract
200/250 cc of neutral grain spirit 95%
300 gr of sugar

The liquorice is in the form of small black pieces made only from 100% pure liquorice extract with a bitter and intense taste. When you buy it be sure the only ingredient is liquorice (not sugar or anything else).
<p>I use 250g of Pontifract Cakes and about 60ml of 40% by Vol cheap vodka.</p><p>The sweetness is in the liquorice &quot;cakes&quot;.</p><p>Cut the cakes up, stuff them into a bottle and top up with the vodka. Shake daily. After 2 -3 weeks, drain the liqueur off the sludge. Filter if required.</p><p>Cheers</p>
Thank you for the recipe! I have had this in the past and wanted to try my own.
Very interesting recipe! Thanks for sharing!

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