This is a list of places which you can get FREE stuff from, you can use it in your projects.... Its free and the items are shipped free So yeah hope you like the list !

Ok so I organized this instructable by type of product.

PM me if you have a site you want added !

Sorry about the crappy pics I took them with my cellphone......

Step 1: So How Do I .......

Simply fill out the forms with the product numbers you want and most places will ship within 1 - 3 weeks.
<p>I need a low profile video card AMD, Nvidia or Intel for my HP slimline quad core computer for free please. Does anyone know where i can get one for free? Thank you.</p>
I'm constantly looking for ways to get FREE STUFF, free stuff and free money is my life, but I'll pass on what ever this is.
<p>Do you happen to have any free sample(s) / free product(s) / free service(s) that you would be willing to share with a fellow freebie hunter?</p>
Does anyone know where I can get free mosfets?
<p>Noticed on step 4, you hadn't listed anyone for LED's. I haven't found any either, but if you don't mind waiting 3-4 weeks for them to arrive, I've ordered White, blue, standard red, green, yellow, and even RGB LED's from suppliers in China &amp; Japan, for less than a penny per LED (just got 3 packs of 5mm 50X RGB LED's for about $1.50US total, free-shipped about 4 months ago. Compare to $3.50/per LED local.) via eBay. One thing I'd love to find, would be a SMT mount for some Serial (I2C) Flash RAMs that doesn't require permanent mounting (soldering) the chip to test.. (something to transition from SMT to normal pins for a breadboard.)</p>
<p>Does Apem's sample request include free delivery as well?</p>
have you gotten your enclosures from OWK?
<p>Over $600.00 of sample product. Considering that we are looking to control semi-antonymous asteroid acquisition spacecraft from the inside of our own, extended-journey, manned spacecraft, I don't think that this is much to ask.</p>
I just got mine...$70USD worth of awesome enclosure-ness. They shipped out the next day with registered UPS tracking all the way to Canada. Awesome!<br />
<p>ouch, I hope you got a lot of cases for that money</p>
Yup. All except for the last time.
I got mine
what did u ask for
idk, it has been a while since i asked for anything, but i asked 3 or 4 times and got them all but once
so u got like 6 boxes
i think 5
i got 2 boxes, 1 wrist strap, and 1 set of battery contacts
<p>You can also get free IC/microcontroller samples from <a href="http://atmel.com" rel="nofollow">Atmel</a> (they make i.e. the Ardunio's micro, the ATmega328) and <a href="http://microchip.com" rel="nofollow">Microchip</a> (they make i.e. the PIC micros, I already got two of them for free) if you have a university/company e-mail adress, along with nearly all IC manufacturer.</p>
<p>hey guys need help I don't know what to put on the company box I cant skip it because I have to fill it</p>
<p>The Melcor link is live again as a redirect to Laird's ThermalManagement products</p>
<p>None for Brazil =/. But good infos</p>
<p>I got 5 LM386N-4NOPB, 5 TL2218-285PWR, 5 TS3USB30EDGSR, 1 TS3USBA225RUTR, and 5 TUSB2036VF from Texas Instruments. They put all this in a good size box. I screwed up my order by only ordering 1 TS3USBA225RUTR instead of 5. also I need to make sure to order soic or dip chip because unless I can get them big enough, I can connect wires to them and universal pcb wouldn't work.</p>
<p>Keystone site is easy to use. I keep you updated if I get anything</p>
<p>I could be wrong but i don't think you can get free sample of case. You need to pay s&amp;h at less</p>
Yeah.. I dont think serpac hammond or new age do samples now...
<p>But you need to pay s&amp;h charges</p>
for pactec do i have to pay for the shiping?<br>
<p>On Jan. 18, 2015 Yes you need to pay s&amp;h charges.</p>
<p>I can see that most of the comment are at lease 3 year old. Today I can't find a way to get these free sample</p>
<p>I am facing same problem.i cannot order free samples from ti and they have discontinued some of the products fro free sample.</p>
<p><a href="http://www.knowlescapacitors.com" rel="nofollow">http://www.knowlescapacitors.com</a></p><p>Here's a site that gives samples of variable capacitors, along with other capacitors. I am currently waiting to recieve a sample.</p>
<p>Looking for some Anti Vandal switches but i cant find the form on Apem any ideas?</p>
<p>Have gotten samples from multiple sites listed</p>
I had a sales guy phone me from apem. I'm having trouble finding the exact part number for some of their switches. Anybody else?
Sweet just recieved some enclosures from OKW,and a battery enclosure fron keystone :) I couldn't believe it when the OKW stuff turned up. because I'm in New Zealand so the samples were forwarded to my local distributer from the UK and then the distributer sent them same-day shipping to my city :) <br>I only got a small horde atm but I have a 12v sla battery, charger, and carry bag on the way. :)
OK, <br>I've now got 12v SLA battery, Charger, Carry Bag, Keyswitch, Terminal Block, Toggle Switch, Automotive Crimping Tool, Digital Multi-Meter, 3x OKW enclosures, Neck Strap(OKW), 4x AA Battery Case and 14 Thru-Hole Switches. I have 10,000 Cable Ties, 30cm HeatShrink, 250 sheets of 1-10 Stickers(for Terminal Blocks) on the way.
<p>did you succeed? and from where did you order SLA battery?</p>
ive been after a 12v SLA battery for MONTHS !!! severely disabled so cant work anymore and saving up for these things is near impossible lol ! <br> <br>what company did you get the SLA battery from, please please help ;-) <br> <br>a great many thanks in advance, if you remember ! was a while ago !
where did you get the multimeter?
The OKW distributor in my country(New Zealand) practically sells anything to do with electronics. So after they forwarded the OKW samples and I was looking through the catalog they included and I emailed the guy I had been talking to. Thats how I got the 12v SLA battery, Charger, Automotive Crimping Tool and Digital Multi-Meter. They are based in Australia/New Zealand but they do sell to places like the U.S. but I don't know if they would send free samples there as in the catalog the base shipping and handling to the US is like $50AUD.
ok thanks
Ok just recieved some more thru-hole switches, I told them I burnt out the leds in some of the switches they had sent me( which I had (-.-) ) So they sent some new ones :) <br>
They lied to me they told me it was 10 packages but really it was jus 10 cable ties and 10 sheets of stickers. Though they sent their catalogues aswell which were well packed. <br>:-(
<p>as far as needing a business for them to ship to, I made mine up. :p</p><p>I've used this on other non-electronic related sites, &amp; nobody has ever Questioned it.</p><p>if you have already tried to get samples, &amp; they said they require a business name &amp; addy, you can try again with a made up business name, just make sure it SOUNDS legit....maybe they will send you free samples....and maybe they won't.</p><p>For companies that you have not tried as yet to get samples, make up a legit sounding business name THEN request free samples. </p><p>Again, make sure it SOUNDS legit.</p><p>Good luck.</p>
<p>I just spent about 1/2 an hour bookmarking all these electronic websites &amp; organizing them in my favs....</p><p>TY for sharing this info...as I write this, I'm making a shopping list of what I need &amp; what I want.... 8)</p>
free stuff??? <br>how can i get it??
TI told me to get yourself a gmail or hotmail account and use that for your myTI account email. In the company name, put Independent Designer. Generally, we will approve these requests. <br> <br>I did just that and it worked they sent my samples.
LUMEX.com give samples up to 25.00 including shipping. <br>
TI refused to send to me , they require a Business name and URL <br>
I have a question that i live in India and if i order samples from a US website, will they charge me for shipping of the materials, i am in need of some 2-3 resistors, a relay, a 555 timer and some transistors?

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