Picture of List Of **FREE STUFF** For your projects
This is a list of places which you can get FREE stuff from, you can use it in your projects.... Its free and the items are shipped free So yeah hope you like the list !

Ok so I organized this instructable by type of product.

PM me if you have a site you want added !

Sorry about the crappy pics I took them with my cellphone......
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Step 1: So How Do I .......

Picture of So How Do I .......
Simply fill out the forms with the product numbers you want and most places will ship within 1 - 3 weeks.

Step 2: Switches

I have had good luck with several places.

-Apem (recommended)
They are really good for freebies. I got some key locks and industrial buttons for an electrical ignitor.
They take a little under 2 weeks to deliver.....
They have very high quality parts.
(update) Several people have asked how do I order from APEM SO:
Click on the type of switch you want and it will take you to a different page.... Under the ONLINE REQUESTS category click REQUEST SAMPLES.

-E Switch
There parts appear high quality
However I have not Completely ordered from them for the fact that you need a shipping number. So for this one you need a shipping number.

I placed my order about a few weeks back and still haven't received anything. (I will Update)
But this Place looks legit.

I just recently found out about this site. And am still waiting but this place seems legit.
Better then paying $3
For a switch at The Source/ Radioshack

Step 3: ICs, Semiconductors and Microcontrolers.

Texas Instruments
I have ordered several packages from this place. I have gotten every thing I have ever asked for.

I have placed one order with these folks and I got it.

Step 4: L.E.Ds

Picture of L.E.Ds
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yugmodnar1 month ago

Here's a site that gives samples of variable capacitors, along with other capacitors. I am currently waiting to recieve a sample.

Valocalrep2 months ago

Looking for some Anti Vandal switches but i cant find the form on Apem any ideas?

FDM32 months ago

Have gotten samples from multiple sites listed

diamondmine4 months ago
I had a sales guy phone me from apem. I'm having trouble finding the exact part number for some of their switches. Anybody else?
tomass19963 years ago
Sweet just recieved some enclosures from OKW,and a battery enclosure fron keystone :) I couldn't believe it when the OKW stuff turned up. because I'm in New Zealand so the samples were forwarded to my local distributer from the UK and then the distributer sent them same-day shipping to my city :)
I only got a small horde atm but I have a 12v sla battery, charger, and carry bag on the way. :)
2011-07-08 18.53.50.jpg
I've now got 12v SLA battery, Charger, Carry Bag, Keyswitch, Terminal Block, Toggle Switch, Automotive Crimping Tool, Digital Multi-Meter, 3x OKW enclosures, Neck Strap(OKW), 4x AA Battery Case and 14 Thru-Hole Switches. I have 10,000 Cable Ties, 30cm HeatShrink, 250 sheets of 1-10 Stickers(for Terminal Blocks) on the way.

did you succeed? and from where did you order SLA battery?

ive been after a 12v SLA battery for MONTHS !!! severely disabled so cant work anymore and saving up for these things is near impossible lol !

what company did you get the SLA battery from, please please help ;-)

a great many thanks in advance, if you remember ! was a while ago !
where did you get the multimeter?
The OKW distributor in my country(New Zealand) practically sells anything to do with electronics. So after they forwarded the OKW samples and I was looking through the catalog they included and I emailed the guy I had been talking to. Thats how I got the 12v SLA battery, Charger, Automotive Crimping Tool and Digital Multi-Meter. They are based in Australia/New Zealand but they do sell to places like the U.S. but I don't know if they would send free samples there as in the catalog the base shipping and handling to the US is like $50AUD.
ok thanks
Ok just recieved some more thru-hole switches, I told them I burnt out the leds in some of the switches they had sent me( which I had (-.-) ) So they sent some new ones :)
They lied to me they told me it was 10 packages but really it was jus 10 cable ties and 10 sheets of stickers. Though they sent their catalogues aswell which were well packed.
SIRJAMES0910 months ago

as far as needing a business for them to ship to, I made mine up. :p

I've used this on other non-electronic related sites, & nobody has ever Questioned it.

if you have already tried to get samples, & they said they require a business name & addy, you can try again with a made up business name, just make sure it SOUNDS legit....maybe they will send you free samples....and maybe they won't.

For companies that you have not tried as yet to get samples, make up a legit sounding business name THEN request free samples.

Again, make sure it SOUNDS legit.

Good luck.

SIRJAMES0910 months ago

I just spent about 1/2 an hour bookmarking all these electronic websites & organizing them in my favs....

TY for sharing this I write this, I'm making a shopping list of what I need & what I want.... 8)

free stuff???
how can i get it??
Graydant1 year ago
TI told me to get yourself a gmail or hotmail account and use that for your myTI account email. In the company name, put Independent Designer. Generally, we will approve these requests.

I did just that and it worked they sent my samples. give samples up to 25.00 including shipping.
VyreRain1 year ago
TI refused to send to me , they require a Business name and URL
I'm constantly looking for ways to get FREE STUFF, free stuff and free money is my life, but I'll pass on what ever this is.
I have a question that i live in India and if i order samples from a US website, will they charge me for shipping of the materials, i am in need of some 2-3 resistors, a relay, a 555 timer and some transistors?
Akask2 years ago
Is it possible for me to get from somewhere just conductive foam? like, without all the hassle of ordering a microcontroler?
nurdee12 years ago
I am interested in getting free parts but I don't have a company email adress. All I have is a gmail adress. Are there any places where I can get free parts without a company email adress?

What you could do (What I do) Is either have a friend who has an official looking website who will let you make an email account on his domain (Unlikly) Or,
You could go to a web-hosting site (I use (OK, I'll admit, that's my referall link. However the site is exellent, and free.)
And create an account, and then a site (You dont need to put anything on it). Then you can go to CPanel, and click Email, and then the Email adress will be
Do I have to pay wnything for all of that?
No, it's free.
schumi233 years ago
I dont know if it has already been mentioned, but:
Due to overwhelming demand, CDI is not available to offer any more free sample packs at this time.

Yeah, I got that too :(
popewill2 years ago
Okay, I have a few questions:
First and Most important:
What should I put for my company name? Should it be instructables? What do you use? I'm ordering from OWK
How many should I get? I only need one (For Now) but should I get more to make it seem more realistic? I'm not trying to be greedy, but it may be more realistic, and I'm sure I'll use them.
And Three:
Can I get in trouble for lying to them? By making up a company or requesting samples? Whats the worst that can happen? having to pay them back?

Also, how do I get it shipped free?
ashannon13 years ago
it says to enter a part number, where can i find that?
find your part on the site, in a big box atop it will have a alpha-numeric code...copy and paste
HVahead3 years ago
check out their sensory capacitive switch!!! SWEET! thanx!
80$man3 years ago
How 'flexible' is these companies shipping policies? I'm am in South Africa, any idea's of feasible options?
domints3 years ago
Do I have to fill the company name with real company? I'd like to get some samples for educational puposes.
ashannon13 years ago
on APEM it tells me to enter a part number
greatboyraj3 years ago
i live in india.... can anyone help me get free stuffs?
i would be really grateful....
I am from Turkey. Even I got too much stuff for my projects when I was a student. I can easily say that Maxim-IC and Texas Instruments are the best! They really send what you need. But you can not ask for 10 pcs of the same product.
wow im from Turkey too i like those ICs but i should ask my mom and dad to get those free nasty materials :(
Why your parents? you can ask for them yourself... Just pick your order and want some samples. Piece of cake!
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