This project allows you to control a smart phone or audio device that has Bluetooth (BT) capabilities, playing to a speaker installed inside a shower.

Step 1: Amplifier

Build a mono amplifier. Mount on a single gang face place with volume control. This volume control will be rarely used as the BT device can also control volume.

Step 2: Power Supply

Insert adapter with additional recepticle into light socket.  Important, replace standard light with LED type to reduce heat. Install power supply (PSU) inside ceiling.

Step 3: Install Equipment

Install the PSU, amp and speaker into ceiling. A mud ring can be used to secure face plate to drywall.  Install hook to support BT device.

Step 4: Connect BT Device

Install BT device into small plastic bag to protect against water damage.  The BT device used here is a Jabra BT3030.  Connect to amp.
http://www.canakit.com/5w-audio-amplifier-kit-ck153-uk153.html <br>
whats that amp can you give me a link please?

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