Picture of Listerine SD card Holder
Well, here is an instructable on how to make an SD card holder out of a Listerine Pack! I hope you enjoy this instructable! Oh, by the way, this is my first instructable.
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Step 1: Materials

Collect these items:

- 1 x Listerine pocket pak
- 1 x SD card/Mini SD/Micro SD
- 1 x Hands
- 1 Knife (optional)

Step 2: Step 2!

Picture of Step 2!
Now, use a knife and pry open the listerine pack into two separate parts - the base and the cover.

Step 3: Step 3!

Picture of Step 3!
Put the SD card on the bottom portion of the pack. Place the cover on top of the bottom. Now you have a cool SD card case!

Suggestions: You could use a mini SD card or a micro SD card. Then, you wouldn't have to take apart the whole case to insert or take out the SD card because you could just open the top part.
waterlubber3 years ago
Thats too cool...
ac1D8 years ago
take a look at step1: the SD card came with a case lol!
HI, isn't it the end results in Step 1?
No, step1 have no picture. But my comment is from 2007.
The sd card was pictured in a normal sd card case, that's why I posted this comment. Forgive me if it make no sens now ;)
Please forgive me 2. I saw the date a couple of hours l8r. But I have an excellent excuse, I have to take morphine every 4 hours for a lower-back pain ;-)

But in a way, it's OK, it gives us a chance to talk and say "Hi" to each other lol,

Take care
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
a whole 128mb!!! : 0
Solderguy6 years ago
Dang it! I remember having those exact Listerine strips but I threw out the package.Oh well, I guess I'll just keep all my SD cards in an Altoids tin.
baneat6 years ago
That's pretty cool.
lol cool, will it fit a Memory Stick Pro Duo, (for my psp)?
im not sure, actually. i dont have any Memory Stick pro Duos =(, but i think it probably will
ok, well there longer and skinnyer (just a tad)
Yes it will fit one as memorystick Pro Duos are smaller than an SD card
Nice. How about making a small mod to the Listerine case. Find a way to be able to take the SD card out and insert it without having to pry the whole thing open, ie. by modifying the flap/opening at the end? Just some food for thought. Err, no pun intended. ;)
WPee8 years ago
Nice Instructable:

I've been using the different "Listerine PocketPaks" in different colors (RED-Cinnamon, BLUE-CoolMint)to remind me what type of data I have stored on the SD cards.

Also, you do NOT need a tool to pop open the cases, it is quite easy to do from one corner with your thumb...
(something about us creatures with thumbs...hum?)

Oh, I see. But the listerine pack will give the SD card a minty smell :) You could also trick your friends into thinking you have a listerine pack, but only to be disappointed that its only an SD card.
trebuchet038 years ago
That's a good idea... Take a look at step one -- it's still in the mfr. packaging. The first thing lost happens to be the original case :p
un_owen8 years ago
Clever observation!