Listerine SD Card Holder





Introduction: Listerine SD Card Holder

Well, here is an instructable on how to make an SD card holder out of a Listerine Pack! I hope you enjoy this instructable! Oh, by the way, this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Materials

Collect these items:

- 1 x Listerine pocket pak
- 1 x SD card/Mini SD/Micro SD
- 1 x Hands
- 1 Knife (optional)

Step 2: Step 2!

Now, use a knife and pry open the listerine pack into two separate parts - the base and the cover.

Step 3: Step 3!

Put the SD card on the bottom portion of the pack. Place the cover on top of the bottom. Now you have a cool SD card case!

Suggestions: You could use a mini SD card or a micro SD card. Then, you wouldn't have to take apart the whole case to insert or take out the SD card because you could just open the top part.



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    take a look at step1: the SD card came with a case lol!

    HI, isn't it the end results in Step 1?


    No, step1 have no picture. But my comment is from 2007.
    The sd card was pictured in a normal sd card case, that's why I posted this comment. Forgive me if it make no sens now ;)

    Please forgive me 2. I saw the date a couple of hours l8r. But I have an excellent excuse, I have to take morphine every 4 hours for a lower-back pain ;-)

    But in a way, it's OK, it gives us a chance to talk and say "Hi" to each other lol,

    Take care

    Dang it! I remember having those exact Listerine strips but I threw out the package.Oh well, I guess I'll just keep all my SD cards in an Altoids tin.

    That's pretty cool.

    lol cool, will it fit a Memory Stick Pro Duo, (for my psp)?

    im not sure, actually. i dont have any Memory Stick pro Duos =(, but i think it probably will