Step 9: Connect hookup wires and resistors to perfboard

Picture of Connect hookup wires and resistors to perfboard
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This step is relatively straightforward.  Each of the 10 anode hookup wires need to connect to the perfboard, through a 100 ohm resistor, then to another hookup wire on the other side.  You will also  connect the anodes of each of you colons through a 100 ohm resistor.

Before you start soldering, you need to know exactly where your perfboard and Arduino will mount in the case.  Once you decide on location, you will know how long to make the hookup wires.

To connect to the perfboard, just insert the wires and resistors through the top of the board.  (The top of the perfboard does not have the copper pads).  Twist the leads together and solder.  Try to get solder on and across the pads, and not just the leads.  Watch the video carefully for further instruction.  Feel free to cut your perfboard down, like I did in the video.  Be careful though, the perfboard is very brittle.  I would cut it before I did any work in case the board gets ruined.

The first video "Breadboard Fail" can be skipped.  I try to use a breadboard, which would have been faster.  The hookup wire kept coming out and I decided it was too fragile.  So I ripped the wires out and used a perboard instead.