Ok, so mine wasn't really literally free, but that's coz I didn't wanna sacrifice any of my belts.

So I made mine from a discarded belt bought from a roadside stall at a Thieves' Market for $1. I was looking for a nice colorful one. =) Got the other materials already at home, or someplace cheap too.

This strap I made is not really adjustable, so measure properly. Or you could improvise and make it very adjustable too! I didn't think about making it adjustable before I started cutting... =P

Anyways, read on!

Step 1: Materials

As listed in the photo:

1. PVC sheet from a previous project (which didn't come to fruition coz of my laziness)
2. A pair of scissors
3. An old belt that is nice!
4. Buckles (you'll need 2 pairs)
5. Nylon strap that fits through your camera's lugs
6. Thread
7. Needle(s) (I only used one)
8. Marker

For inexpensive leather scraps - try a shoe repair shop - they ususally have lots of scraps - in a past life I assisted with cub scout crafts & we had the shoe repair shops tied up for their leather scraps. Give it a try!
Custom guitar straps here I come!<br />
You know, this is a silly situation.<br /> <br /> The strap I have for my Pentax MV1 is what I assume is the original one. It's white and says PENTAX PENTAX PENTAX in garish red lettering.<br /> <br /> And I really like your idea and intend to follow your instructions; only one thing is stopping me: I need a belt like that. It's a real pain because I used to have one, but I&nbsp;already turned it into <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Soviet-Belt-Mod/">an instructable of my own</a> &not;&not;.<br /> <br /> All of the belts of this general kind I've seen on ebay look like they'd be too coarse for neck usage; so do you have any like.. brand or something for that one I can search? Thanks.<br />
Haha!&nbsp;I&nbsp;don't think it'd be &quot;free&quot; if you specifically go and buy a new belt just for this. Look at junkyard sales or garage sales, or 2nd hand stores like the Salvation Army or something. If you really want to buy, I thought the belt I&nbsp;got resembled a design from a brand called Springfield (don't think Simpsons).<br /> <br /> Anyways, I'd advise not to use the nylon belts. Try to use cotton or other soft material where possible. I'd imagine nylon belts to cut into the skin quite uncomfortably... =)<br /> <br /> Good luck on your search!&nbsp;And yes, I&nbsp;do dislike straps with branding all over... <br />
So, how is it literally free?&nbsp; Do you mean practically?&nbsp; <br /> <br /> And if you already have the other parts, how are they free?<br />
Hmm... perhaps &quot;practically&quot; would be a better word.<br /> <br /> It's free coz you can use an old belt, and you can cannibalize the straps from old camera straps if you don't want them anymore, and you need not use PVC&nbsp;to cover the fraying ends if you don't want to.<br /> <br /> And I'm quite sure everyone has thread and needles at home right? =)<br />
Nice camera!&nbsp;I have an Olympus OM-10 thats about that old that i need to get working...&nbsp;
Nice Strap. In no way is it literally free though.<br />
You could have used black thread or thin-gauge nylon/fishing line to sew the PVC to the strap. It would add a nice finish. Nice project though, nice belt too&nbsp; :)<br />
Hi!&nbsp;Yeah, I could've used black, but I&nbsp;thought that would be boring. Should've used orange instead of red though, but what the heck. It was a first piece. =)&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Oh, I&nbsp;didn't wanna use fishing line because I imagined it might cut into the PVC. Perhaps it wouldn't, but hmm... I dunno. Didn't really think about that then. I was just thinking in terms of color. =)<br />
Nice idea!
That Nikon reminds me of a Leica.<br />
A Leica?&nbsp;Hahaha!&nbsp;I wish... I&nbsp;really do wish it were one. But hmm... I&nbsp;shall be satisfied with my Nikons... =)<br />
Just change the name on the front, people won't know unless they get close enough. That does look like a nice camera though.<br />
Hahaha!&nbsp;Nah, it's ok. I love and am proud of my Nikons. It IS&nbsp;a nice camera, though not fully mechanical. Seems like I'm using my film cameras these days whenever I'm shooting for leisure... <br />
Where to get the buckles?<br />
Do you mean belt buckles or the buckles I&nbsp;used on my strap?&nbsp;Belt buckles you might find them at flea markets or used equipment stores. The plastic buckles I&nbsp;used can be found at craft stores. Not sure if you have Art Friend where you are, but in Singapore, I got mine there.<br />
That looks very nice and it wouldn't be too difficult to make :D<br />
It can be abit tough to sew through, depending on the materials you use. But yeah, I love DIY&nbsp;and I&nbsp;love to be have something unique... And since you can use any old&nbsp;(or new) belt, there's an almost limitless range of designs!&nbsp;You could even use car seat belts, although they're abit too wide for my liking. =)&nbsp;Or use the black leather with metal studs kinda belt... ooooo.... hahaha!<br />
If you used a car seat belt you could even use the buckle if it wasn't too big :D&nbsp;
Nice one, I love the camera too, I reckon I'll do this sometime as I don't get on too well with the Nikon strap.<br />
I love my camera too!&nbsp;And I&nbsp;didn't get a strap with the camera but it's ok. It just means I'll have one less piece of rubbish lying around my house. =)<br />
I really like the look of this strap.&nbsp; I'll have to make something similar for my D90.<br />

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