Step 4: Drill

Picture of Drill
While your paint is drying, drill a hole in the spot you marked. I used a 5/16 bit but you'll want to follow the instructions that came with your clock pieces. A drill press is great. A cordless drill will be fine.
at3835 years ago
Do you absolutely need a drill to do this step? I want to make these for my flatmates and am in university so I don't have a drill handy.
Weirdfro at3835 years ago
I just used one of these. Then I stuck a pen through the hole to make it bigger. It looks fine.
Photo 117.jpg
mdhaworth (author)  at3835 years ago
A drill would be MUCH easier if you can borrow one but you might be able to do it with some patience and an exacto knife.  Or a dremel but if you don't have a drill I don't imagine you have a dremel. As long as the front cover looks tidy it doesn't matter how hacked up the inside is. Good luck.