Step 7: That's it

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Seriously easy, eh? And a great gift for a kid. Or for anyone. There is a book for every hobby...

Have fun,
jbicb35 years ago
Very cool idea! And I like Layan's comment on doing one with a cookbook. This way it can go to someone who enjoys cooking, not just for kids. And the same principal can be used for almost anyone with a hobby. Science book, sailing book, photography book. The list goes on and on! Love it!
Hazel Twig5 years ago
Brilliant Idea. Going to make 2 of them for my twin Grand-kids b/day. Good job they're a boy and a girl.
njenkins5 years ago
Great job!  Super cool idea, it looks like something you'd pay $50 for in a department store!  Someone is definitely getting one of these for their birthday!
I LOVE this idea!!! This will be my next baby shower gift! Thanks!!
StoryAddict6 years ago
Very cute, but I'm not sure how I feel about massacre-ing a book :/ Good recommendation for a thrift store, though. Although I imagine one could just as easily "make" a book with some thicker cardstock or similar and a laser printer?
mdhaworth (author)  StoryAddict6 years ago
I know, it is hard. If you makes you feel better I mostly use books in bad condition (pages colored on inside etc) NEVER new books and I remove pages to use to make greeting cards and other items so the book gets well used.
Layan7 years ago
Very cute idea. I may try this with a cookbook. Thanks :)
Kietchwa8 years ago
Great Idea... Decided it woud be a great (and cheap) gift for my english teacher she loves this kind of thing and well... i like good grades... so lol :)
Looks just great :-) Thankyou