Step 12: Rejoice

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Well thats about it actually.

You can now either charge up the battery via the mini USB port on the Charging Circuit or via Solar power. The red status LED on the Charge Controller board means the battery is charging, the blue pops on when the battery is full.

On a recent plane flight I was able to charge up my iPhone 4 over 80% (while in Airplane mode and listening to music). That was with a 2,000mAh battery. A 4,400mAh or 6,600mAh battery would do a heck of a lot more. Especially with an iPad or another tablet.

This is a great little project to get yourself started with Lithium batteries, something that I know a lot of people are hesitant to do. As Lithium and Controller prices fall hobbyists would be silly not to go that route, especially in the area of micro controller powered projects. Lithium batteries are particularly good for very small projects as they come in insanely small sizes. A great power source when you're trying to shrink down your death ray.

So if your'e looking to make a very high powered solar USB charger for your cell, tablet, iPad, iPod, iPhone, GPS, or Arduino project you really can't go wrong with this solution. Especially when you can put it in such a cute tin!

As I said before, you can find these parts from a variety of sources online or you can grab them off my own website BrownDogGadgets.com. All the money I make goes either to one cute brown dog, or to fund more projects. (We have an updated Lithium Heavy Duty 2.0 Kitavailable now. All around more powerful.)

If you're looking for straight camping gear, without building, you can grab a Folding USB Solar Cell. It's a whole lot easier than making one of these, and also cheaper.

bobert6101 year ago
The small black component that runs length wise along one side of the lithium charging board popped off and i lost it. Its the one that is directly in line with the negative inputs and reads "322" if i am correct....i bridged over the two spots with solder and it still charged the battery...does it need this component to function properly?
Just wondering because I can't seem to find this directly answered anywhere. Is it ok to be charging up your batteries via usb or solar while using them to power whatever you have plugged into them?
Building a couple of these out of your kits... Was wondering, particularly regarding your above comments, do you ever have trouble with these at airports? I was thinking a large sticker labeling it as an IED (improvised electronic device) might be counter-productive....