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The Litter Genie is a great little product that allows you to keep dirty cat litter in an odor free pail until you're ready to dispose of it. It works really well, in part because of the special bags that prevent the odor from seeping through.

I have used grocery bags and dog poop bags in the traditional scoop and toss in the trash process and the odor always seeps out. When opening the trash to toss out dinner scraps, you are assaulted by the smell of cat poop. It's revolting. And it eventually seeps out of the trash bin and stinks up the house

So my spoiled, lazy side beats my frugal side into submission and I purchase a Litter Genie. As stated earlier, it really works! But the price of the refills really gall me and my frugal side is now screaming "I told you so!".

This hack will extend the life of a litter genie refill for approx. one year.

You will need:

1 Litter Genie

1 litter genie refill

1-10 ordinary plastic grocery bags

1 of either:

rubber band

reusable bag clip - used in this instructable

Step 1: Apply Clip to Litter Genie Bag, Instead of Knotting As Directions Indicate

Picture of Apply Clip to Litter Genie Bag, Instead of Knotting As Directions Indicate

In pic 1, you see the bottom of the litter genie bag knotted as instructed by manufacturer.

When the bag is full, you are supposed to use the built in cutter (see pic 2), to cut the full portion off for disposal. A knot is tied in the end of the unused portion and we begin the process again, continuing until the refills are gone and we need to buy more.

In pic 3, you see the bag clip applied to the bottom of the refill bag instead of the knot. (I twist the bag once or twice to create a more secure seal)

Step 2: Line the Litter Genie Pail With an Ordinary Plastic Shopping Bag.

Picture of Line the Litter Genie Pail With an Ordinary Plastic Shopping Bag.

Line the pail with ordinary plastic bags from grocery store. You can layer multiple bags making disposal even easier.

There is no need to leave the bags overlapping the pail edges when the litter genie is closed.

Step 3: Place Litter Genie Bag End Inside the Grocery Bags.

Picture of Place Litter Genie Bag End Inside the Grocery Bags.

Place litter genie bag inside the grocery bags.( pic 1)

When bag is full, simply remove clip and let used litter fall into grocery bag. Remove grocery bag and dispose. (pic 2)

Replace clip and put litter bag end inside grocery bag. (pic 3)

Close up litter genie.

Continue this process until blue bag gets funky and then cut it off and use a new section.

A basic refill has approx. 12 bags or 13 feet. Using this hack, you should get a month or more of use before having to cut the bag because it's dirty. So a refill should last about a year (unless kitty gets tummy trouble ...eeew).


sway (author)2017-05-07

I'm back to update. I previously mentioned the litter I was using and wanted to say I changed to Clump and Seal litter about 10 months ago and I'm loving it. It smells fantastic and using this hack, it lasts a long time.

Still using the same box and litter genie.

sway (author)sway2017-06-21

I use the Omega Paw litter box and I never have to touch the litter. Roll, pull out drawer, dump in litter genie. This thing is the bomb.

daniellemichelle05 (author)2017-06-15

How I use mine (very similar to your trick) Since the only thing I dislike with the genie is how small the hole is to put the scooped litter through I use the old fashioned way, placing a grocery sack in a small trash can and scoop like normal. (that way I can use my large scooper and not get litter all over the floor when pouring into the genie) Then tie off the grocery sack and put the grocery sack into the litter genie. And when it is full I empty it into the trash only the day before trash day. And cut the bag when it gets a little dirty and I want a fresh one. That way I'm not touching or sorting week old poop. Basically the same, other than one step. Maybe you'll give it a shot.

From one cat lover to another. :)

scottcfm (author)2015-11-01

Silly question, why use the litter genie at all if your just dumping into grocery bags anyway? Wont it still smell bad? I don't own a litter genie yet, so sorry if this is a dumb question.

sway (author)scottcfm2017-05-07

2 years later, I'm reviewing this instructable and realize this was not really the answer to your question. Even though it's been awhile, I thought I should remedy that. The smell is contained in the litter genie bag until the end of the week when you open the bottom and dump into the grocery bag. On that day, you immediately discard the poop in the outside trash. That's why there is no smell.

sway (author)scottcfm2015-11-01

There are no dumb questions!

Just using grocery bags will still smell pretty bad unless you are going to walk out to the trash every time you change the litter. I live in a 2nd floor apt so I never do that. The combination I use, the Omega Paw litter box and the litter genie allow me to quickly clean the litter at least x2 daily and take the used litter to the trash about once a week with no offensive smell. It seriously takes less than 1 minute to clean the litter every morning and evening. But, like I wrote previously the cost can be prohibitive on the litter genie which is why I came up with this instructable.

BTW, the omega paw, the litter genie and precious cat litter (alway purchased on sale) are the best combination I have found for odor protection and cost effectiveness.

yeltommo (author)2016-10-01

Great idea, but could you clarify one thing? In Step 2, the pics show how you line the pail with grocery bags, but then you say, "There's no need to leave the bags overlapping the pail edges when the litter genie is closed." I'm not sure exactly what you do with the bags before you close the LG, but is there any reason to "line" the pail at all? Couldn't you simply stuff a couple bags in the bottom of the pail (or even keep them elsewhere) and worry about sticking the end of the LG refill in the bags when you empty it? Toward the end, when you say, "Replace clip and put litter bag end inside grocery bag (pic 3)," I can't really see what you're doing. I'm guessing you're rolling up the top edges of the bags and letting them "stand" freely inside the pail so that leaking litter falls into the top bag rather than the bottom of the pail? With your bags, I guess that makes sense. In Austin, grocery stores aren't allowed to provide those disposable plastic bags (for environmental reasons), so I'm using 4-gallon wastebasket liners, which don't really have the stiffness to stand up within the pail.

sway (author)yeltommo2017-04-28

Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I just put the end of the LG bag inside the trash/grocery bags. They don't have to stand up at all. They just sit there until you empty the LG bag.

EmilyF66 (author)2016-07-09

May I ask what clip you're using? I am looking on amazon and I'm only finding really large clips. I wanted to use a pretty strong (smaller) clip so there's no risk of the poop pushing the clip off when it's very full.

sway (author)EmilyF662016-07-10

Here are the clips I use. I purchased them from IKEA. I've had the 1 pack for 4 years now. They are so handy. Great price for such a useful item.

two-left-hands (author)2016-06-14

Lamenting reading this after I JUST emptied my (very full) LG and added clumps. This is a great refill extending plan. Thanks for sharing! FYI, Walmart has the best price on refills when needed.

frugalmom76 (author)2015-07-08

Very nice!! Just bought a Litter Genie that had a Try it free mail in rebate for 23 bucks (Petsmart).. Came with one refill. Should be able to make this last, great idea!!!

ShelleyB16 (author)frugalmom762015-12-29

Mine cost $15 . Sounds like they played a numbers game on you. It's still worth it, though.

TamecaC (author)2015-12-26

I can't wait to try this! I'm going to look for my bag clips and get started. I'm a new cat owner, and absolutely love the litter genie, so I don't want to start resenting it because of refill cost! Thank you so much!

pymcat (author)2015-12-23

i t ried this with litter genie refills and the bottom broke when i lifted it out to throw away. knot and all. the plastic that refill comes with it super strong not reg plastic shopping bag

sway (author)pymcat2015-12-23

I think you may have misunderstood. If you consider the litter genie bag to be very strong and you say the knot broke........

There should not be a knot in the grocery bag so I don't really know how to help. I can say, if you layer the shopping bags you can double them when removing the bag.

Please feel free to message me if you need more info.

StacieO (author)2015-11-05

this may make more sense if I buy one but I'm trying to figure out exactly what you did. Did you use a bunch of bags in th genie instead of the bags it comes with? Or did you dump the contents of the genie bags into grocery bags? Sorry, just trying to figure it out :)

sway (author)StacieO2015-11-05

I dump the contents into the grocery bag. Then reseal the blue litter genie bag. You should give it a try. It works great.

Zelda3 (author)2015-09-14

Love the chip clip suggestion! I started disposing the litter in those small doggie type bags first, just because I found it to be too messy when dumping the litter directly into the top part. Will start clipping the genie bag instead of knotting the end. Great idea!

lawdog1881 (author)2015-07-28

With respect to the cost refill "cartridges":

Hmm...where have seen this word before. Oh, I remember! Printer ink cartridges! Yes, again the manufacturer sells you the equipment relatively inexpensive, but nail you on the ink cartridges. Ever consider that after replacing about 4 ink cartridges you've paid more than what the printer cost. What they are doing is selling you cartridges and practically giving the printer away free. Remember, that $200 printer came with $60 worth of cartridges. So, you really only paid $140 for the printer....same principle as the Litter Gennie.

sway (author)lawdog18812015-08-22

That's right lawdog. It's the same as printer & ink, razor & blades even water pitcher & filter. You'll spend a ton on the refills.

aanderson28 (author)2015-03-28

I knew someone had to have figured out a hack for this. I will be doing this today!

MsCenturio (author)2015-01-08

Yes! This really does work. Just make sure the grocery bags have no tears in the lower part. Wonderful. Could not wrap my brain around this problem, I kept wanting to stuff bags into the refill.

sway (author)MsCenturio2015-01-08

Hooray! First comment, LOL Very happy to hear it helped.

jfoote5 (author)sway2015-01-30

I have to try this one. I have been using oversized grocery bags instead of the Genie refills.. now this looks encouraging since you can use regular grocery bags, but to try this I have to buy a Genie refill...

sway (author)MsCenturio2015-01-08

Layering the bags is handy for dealing with any holes. As you pull the full grocery bag out, give it a few shakes. If you notice a hole, just grab the next bag with it.

Ruth the Magnificent (author)2015-01-17

Oh my gosh, I'm totally trying this! I love my litter genie, but you're right, the refills are stupid expensive. I can't believe I didn't think of this myself! Thanks so much!

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