Litter Box Protection With Baby Gate and Cat Door

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Introduction: Litter Box Protection With Baby Gate and Cat Door

An old beaten up baby gate we used to prevent our son from getting into the litter box. It also gave the cat some "privacy".  

It's not perfect from stopping him trying to reach his hands in there but at least he isn't able to do a belly flop into the tootsie rolls anymore.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the hole. The grill is just flexible plastic. Then use an exacto knife to clean up the rough "edges".
Get it to fit in your space as best you can. I just scrunched up the gate and then cut some old used green foam board to fit it into place.



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    Why can't the cat just go over the top?

    one of my cats is 16 years old and cant jump over gates anymore

    That makes sense. I was hoping there might be some secret I could use to keep mine from jumping on things. Normally it's not a problem, but they love to get in my face while I'm eating. LoL

    great idea, thanks for sharing. i was looking to do something like this! i didnt want to buy a new $50 gate, blech