Picture of Little Bags
Make a cute little bag for holding your camera, mp3 player, sunglasses or any other small item. They're super quick and easy to sew.
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Step 1: Get Materials

Picture of Get Materials
You will need:
- outer fabric
Quilting squares are super cheap and are plenty big for this project.
- inner lining fabric
I like to use terry cloth, but I think that fleece would work nicely too.
- matching thread
- sewing machine (you could hand-sew this too)
- sewing pins
- thin ribbon
- safety pin
- thin paper such as tracing paper or wrapping paper
- ruler
- pencil
- anit-fray liquid (like Fray Check)

Step 2: Cut the pieces

Picture of Cut the pieces
Decide on the dimensions of your bag. Then add 1/2 an inch to both the width and height for the 1/4 inch seams. Tip - account for the extra room the item inside the bag (such as a camera) occupies.

Next measure and draw out a rectangle unto the thin paper of the correct dimensions. Then cut out the rectangle. Take the fabric you plan to use for the outer part and fold it in half. Then pin the pattern on the fabric. Tip - pointing the pins outward holds the fabric taut.

Cut around the rectangle so you have 2 outer pieces.

The lining fabric I used, the green terrycloth, had a really nice edge on it. I decided that I wanted to keep that edge and use it on the top inner edge of the bag. I cut the inner lining pieces about 1/4 inch shorter so that I could use the edging instead of folding over the fabric for the top seam.

Repeat the pinning and cutting for the lining fabric. You should now have 2 outer and 2 inner fabric rectangles.
LISAJAY8 years ago
I want to learn to sew, and these are some of the best sewing instructions I've ever seen. My first sewing project will probably be one of your bags!
TimAnderson8 years ago
Are these bags suitable for seven cats?
leahculver (author)  TimAnderson8 years ago
Each of the bags I've made could probably only hold one kit each. However, larger bags could be made.
Now that I've finally learned how to sew I should start making some bags. Not quite the same as these, though, they're not my style. They definitely need a lot more sequins and some killer frills on the edges. Aw yeah.