Picture of Little Birdie with Tree Ornament from Paper Scraps
All Ornaments on Display.jpg

A little bird lands on a Spring-awakened tree, nestled between the fresh leaves, with bright green grass sprouting at its base... I first came up with the idea for this terrarium style ornament - using a mini bird from my craft bin and scrap paper - it was to capture that first Spring moment! There is still half a foot of snow where I live (Central Illinois) so this little terrarium is wishful thinking on my part! Now that it is hung in my living room, however, I feel like I have a little piece of Spring, a little bit early!

Materials Used:

Bare craft ornament

Mini bird with real feathers (can find at almost any craft store in many sizes)

Brown paper bag

Decoupage glue


Recycled bits of wire (from my jewelry-making box)

Yarn scraps

Step 1: Form the Tree

Picture of Form the Tree

This part is really up to you, how you want the tree to look. I twisted the center of the paper to make a flat circle, then twisted the paper upwards some more to create branches. I wanted it to be "branchy" with few leaves, the way a tree looks in early spring.

Once I had the basic look I wanted for the tree, I added some scrap wire to give it more strength. This also lets me bend it around once inside the ornament, without it getting too misshapen.