Picture of Little Birdie with Tree Ornament from Paper Scraps
All Ornaments on Display.jpg

A little bird lands on a Spring-awakened tree, nestled between the fresh leaves, with bright green grass sprouting at its base... I first came up with the idea for this terrarium style ornament - using a mini bird from my craft bin and scrap paper - it was to capture that first Spring moment! There is still half a foot of snow where I live (Central Illinois) so this little terrarium is wishful thinking on my part! Now that it is hung in my living room, however, I feel like I have a little piece of Spring, a little bit early!

Materials Used:

Bare craft ornament

Mini bird with real feathers (can find at almost any craft store in many sizes)

Brown paper bag

Decoupage glue


Recycled bits of wire (from my jewelry-making box)

Yarn scraps

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Step 1: Form the Tree

Picture of Form the Tree

This part is really up to you, how you want the tree to look. I twisted the center of the paper to make a flat circle, then twisted the paper upwards some more to create branches. I wanted it to be "branchy" with few leaves, the way a tree looks in early spring.

Once I had the basic look I wanted for the tree, I added some scrap wire to give it more strength. This also lets me bend it around once inside the ornament, without it getting too misshapen.

Step 2: Bark up the Tree

Picture of Bark up the Tree

I took a piece of plain brown paper bag and crumpled it up a lot, softening the paper and giving it texture. Once that was done, I tore it into little strips.

Then I dipped each strip into the decoupage glue, and applied it to the tree "base", over the wire support. The result is very similar to bark, (in looks anyhow). Once dried, it was even a little bumpy and rough, like bark!