Here's my take on the famous Little Gem mini guitar amp.
All details on the electronics can be found at runoffgroove.com.
The case came from Jameco p/n 11886.
The speaker bezel is the rim of a tin can that was epoxied to the case.
The disk in the rear serves as a cord reel.
<p>I absolutely LOVE the look of this. Those 386 based amps really ROCK as well.</p>
Thanks! : )
Hi, this looks great, makes me want to get back into this sort of thing when I get my soldering iron situation sorted! :)<br> <br> <a href="http://www.evolutionmastering.com" rel="nofollow">evolution mastering</a>
Hi. I've been studying the schematics and the pictures you posted and since I'm a beginner I'm frustrated because I don't understand a few things. <br> <br>For instance, where do I put the speakers, dc-in, dc-out, the on-off switch, the 5K vol pot? That's not represented in the schematics, is it? <br> <br>I apreciate the help you can give.
Hi NunoMorna - <br>Sorry, the dc-in and dc-out are special to this build and not necessary. <br>Your other questions can be found at this great Instructable. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Process-of-Building-a-Cigar-Box-Guitar-Amp-L/ <br>Good luck! : )
someone gave me a mini guitar amp that you can buy online for $20. they said it was broken but i took it apart and found that it was just a disconnected wire that runs to the male input/output jack. it runs on a 9 volt and it doesn't require a cable to connect to a guitar. so i stripped it down and went to LOWS and bought a slab of pine wood for $3. i cut the wood into 4&quot;x3&quot; pieces and made a box, added all the components and designed it to look like a Marshall half stack. so now i have a mini Marshall half stack for $3! thanks for the inspiration - myakka
Great! You should post the build! : )
Thank you! : )
can u post the schematic for the circuit i like your instructables!
There's a schematic on the link to the Runoffgroove site. Thanks for the comment!
What speaker are you using?
Sorry, the speaker I had in my junk box and I forgot where I got it. There's no name or number on it either. Any 4 or 8 ohm speaker should work.
this is very cool&nbsp;&nbsp; how much is the price to make this?<br /> <br /> sorry for my bad enlish<br />
&nbsp;Thanks! Sorry but I didn't keep track of the cost of this build. Most parts were spares or left overs. The most expensive part was the box itself. About $9.00 US at Jameco. : )
jameco iz da best!
sweet, how's the sound?
Thanks. It sounds similar to the famous Smokey Amp. http://www.smokeyamps.com/
Oh, my, that's purdy. I like the cord reel, too -- great idea.
Thank you! : )
Hooorah a fellow hhgttg fan
&nbsp;Thhhaaaaaannnnks! : )
you sir, should should be employed n making computer cases.&nbsp; I like the case more than whats inside.<br /> <br /> very nice job!<br /> *****
Thank you! Stay tuned, I'm working on a&nbsp;case for some powered speakers. :&nbsp;)
I will!
Can you post some pictures? Mine worked fine until I bent a tiny piece of solder over to touch a contact. Make sure there are no shorts.<br />
That thing is gorgeous, very nicely done. &nbsp;How does it sound?<br />
&nbsp;Thank you. Sound is okay for a practice amp. : )
&nbsp;does this work on a bass
&nbsp;If you go to the runoffgroove site there's a note on the drawing about playing with the value of the 220uF cap. However, I am not sure if that will turn it into a bass amp. As I mentioned below I've got almost zero experience with amps. : )
I tried mine without modification with a bass, and it sounds like the beginning note of Tom Sawyer. Also managed to cram the thing into the original speaker box.<br />
Hello gunsigma. Sorry, I'm not an amp expert. In fact, this is the first amp I've made. Maybe other readers can help. Here is a forum you can try www.ssguitar.com too.&nbsp;<br /> <br />
Very nice!<br />
Thank you!&nbsp;:&nbsp;)
VERY cool looking!&nbsp; Q - what's with the two small square holes toward the back and bottom of the box?<br />
Thank you! Very observant!&nbsp;The holes are for a transformer in/out cords. The enclosure also houses the transformer. I&nbsp;didn't get in the photo though.
&nbsp;very nice, really well done.
&nbsp;Thank you! : )

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