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Introduction: Little Girl's Bat Mobile!

To start, my down stairs is comic book themed. (Not obnoxious mind you, just grey walls with framed comic book art and pops of bright color accents in pillows etc.) So, when it was time for the munchkin to get the typical toy car to drive around in (she's 16 months and LOVES her cousin's car) I couldn't have any old toy laying around clashing with my "theme." And besides... why settle with typical store bought when DIY is sooo much better?!

After much thought I decided she most definitely needed a bat mobile. We found a cheap "Cozy Coupe" on craigslist and spent a whopping $10 on it. From there, with a little graffiti spray paint from my store (art store, Jerry's Artarama) grafix paper for the details, fabric and gemstones from JoAnn Fabrics we were set. This was an easy Saturday project that cost no more than $20 total. Of course the cost varies on how much you spend on the car. We got lucky and for everything else I had coupons! Stinker now insists on eating her lunch in her batmobile while watching TV.

Tips: I found it was best to sand down the cozy coupe after taking it apart and before painting. Helps the paint stick. I used graffiti spray paint (Montana or Alien works) though I've heard of Krylon Fusion working too. The stencils were made from airbrush graffix clear sticky acetate and used on the car. I just printed out the symbol and cut. An Xacto knife gets the most precise cuts. Lastly, hot glue guns are awesome. Invest in one for crafting!



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    Where do you download the stencil from?

    How has it held up so far? I just painted my son's car yesterday and every little bump scratches the paint off. (I used Valspar for plastic.) Admittedly I didn't sand it first, but very few of the other websites I visited mentioned sanding. I'm going to start over and try sanding, but I'm wondering if a sealant or top coat is necessary.

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    Hi there. I've never used Valspar so I can't comment on its quality. So far this car is surviving the toddler years really well. I think the secret to its longevity was actually the sanding. The plastic is so slick its easy for scratches to happen as well as peeling. Using a very fine sheet of sandpaper on the entire car should give it some gradient for the paint to really hold onto. I didn't use a top coat however i think a very light, spray of some may be ok. I've always found topcoats to cause my pieces to become sticky and wanted to avoid that. Best of luck with your project!! :)

    I am curious how you upholstered the seat. Can you share the youtube/google links? I can't get the seat to stay put!

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    Hi there! I pretty much did a quick google search to figure out the basic logistics of upholstering (never done it before) and went with it. Basically I got my thick foam and placed it done on the seat, saw where I needed to round out the bits and went ahead and cut as necessary. From there I cut my fabric to be larger than the foam and placed it over top one side and folded over the edge on the other side (cheap glue or tape it fine to temporarily hold it.) Make sure the fabric is long enough on the back side so that it folds over pretty far. Next I decided where the diamond indentations would go and marked it. Once I had the spots mapped out I placed the foam and fabric directly on the cozy coupe and used small screws and drilled directly through. Use a washer to get a better dip in the fabric and prevent the screw from going through. Basically the foam and fabric are held one because they are drilled on. The gems in the indentations were later applied using hot glue. Several months later with one crazy 18 month old and she hasn't pried them off yet! Afterward I checked around the edge, saw if any fabric was loose and just used additional screw and power drilled those suckers down as well. Basically its alot of creative folding and drilling. No glue was used at all. You want screws that are long and thick enough that they'll really grab hold of the car itself and won't let go. I hope this helps!

    I'm not sure whats cuter, the bat mobile or the sweet little "Boo". That is AWESOME!

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    Was just looking to refurb a cozy coupe we got at a yardsale for my son. It needs a bit of repair first but a paint job could definitely be in order... Guess i got a project for that free time I never have :)

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    Lol, tell me about it. I'm in the middle of planning my wedding and keep stopping to do this stuff... I plan to sleep sometime next fall!

    Thanks! I figured if I'm gonna do it I'm gonna go all out. Nothing a little youtube and google couldn't teach (never did it before.) Now I want to upholster all the things lol!

    Oh gosh that's adorable! I wish I had one of those (and I wish I was small enough to fit in one)!