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Introduction: Little Mad Scientist - My Case Workshop

Although the Craftsman Workshop of the Future Contest Is not open for me I would like to show off my little toolbox/secret lab.
Living with my partner means we are two crazy artists in a two-room apartment (hence why we are crazy half the time) and we use the space to max. Currently we are at war over paintbrushes and my partners familiar (a 26-toed feline fiend from gods knows where) gets into everything.
Highvoltage and highfrequency electrics being somewhat dangerous and me not wanting to have to fight my partners occult legions with my half-finnished arsenal of deathrays I had to put things safe, this also keeps the chalkmarks, black candles and ectoplasma out. So all the really bad stuff is in a case.

Update: My Little Mad Scientist kit now lives in the basement .. in my Little Workshop of Horror!



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    awesome! Im not allowed to use the solidering gun or solidering iron...becaues its too my parents see it...!

    What if you need to take a plane? Evil never rests, so you'll have to take it with you. Good luck.

    Please stop making slide shows. They are annoyingly difficult to closely examine the photos. I haven't Bothered to really look at any of these because of how difficult they are and they really don't seem like an instructable since they aren't instructions OR illustrations.

    I'm afraid not. I just came by this by accident while making a good deal on an old laptop. It's possible though that you could make one if you find adealer that sells fiberglass-panels and aluminium-case material. I know it's used by DJ's and musicians to build equipment-boxes.

    u should be able to enter the craftsman contest, its one of the best 'workshops' ive ever seen and miles beter than mine!!