Little Miss Sunshine


Introduction: Little Miss Sunshine

I was bored and I wanted to draw something cute! So I drew Little Miss Sunshine!!!

Step 1:

Draw a circle with a little opening at the bottom

Step 2:

Add 2 lines on both side of the opening

Step 3:

Draw 2 feet

Step 4:

Draw one curved line on the left side

Step 5:

Draw another curved line on the right side

Step 6:

Draw 3 lines in each of the football shapes

Step 7:

Draw 2 eyes and a nose

Step 8:

Draw 3 lumps on each side of the head

Step 9:

Draw 2 upside down triangles with no bottom on each 3rd lump

Step 10:

Draw 3 thick lines on each side

Step 11:

Finally draw 2 hands and a smile

Step 12:

Sharpie, erase the lines, and your done!



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    Very nice!

    But you forgot the best part: her freckles! :D