These books were inspired by, and created for my son, and his best friend.  Both HUGE Harry Potter fans!

One day my son's best friend, showed me how he used post-it notes to help him remember homework and other school related importantness.  The post it notes were easier that his agenda, because by the time he got that out, he was likely to have forgotten what it was he needed to write. 

I thought this would be a great strategy for my son too when he enters the daunting middle school next year, but I felt like it would be fun to gussy them up a bit. So I created monster "Post-it note covers". I made one for my son, and one as a thank you for his best friend. 

Step 1: What You'll Need

Supply list 
  • Bookboard, 2 pieces per monster( 31/4  x 3 3/4 inches)
  • Fur, 1/4 yard was more than enough.
  • Felt.  3 pieces of about 3 x 3 1/2 (red) and 1 piece of white for the teeth (3 x 2 inches)
  • 2 eyes (stuffed animal eyes)
  • 1/2 yard gross grain ribbon
  • glue (elmers or PVA)
  • scissors
  • hole punch of some sort (and hammer)
  • small saw (not pictured)
It reminds me of the harry potter monster book of monster's very creative <br>*Favorited*
i like it but actually it got four eyes<br>
Love it!! that would be fun to see. Are they all the same size? I'm imagining 2 big &amp; 2 smaller would look almost bug like.
Ooh, awesome! I got inspired to try it out once I get my fabrics from the cellar. :) This could also be sweet Halloween-party decoration as a cover for a guestbook.
Don't add pages in it, add elastic bands, and boom, the best Kindle cover ever. Very good job.
Nice idea!! I like that, maybe i'm make one for my ipod. I think an elastic band disguised like a belt, would look really cute on the outside too. Look more like the monster book in the harry potter movie.<br>
I was thinking that too! XD
nice made, i think i'm going to try them to make :P
Yeahhh :-)
Cute!! Im going to make it!! :D
Cool!! post pictures ( I looove pictures). :-) <br><br>NADYSTudiOS, made some too, they added buttons for the noes, and based it on a notebook. I liked some of the ideas they incorporated, you should check it out as well:<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Little-Monster-Books/
love it!<br>I really like that it is for post-its, so you can refill it.<br> <br>when ever I have a fancy note book, i am hesitant to use it, cause I don't want to waste the pages. <br>
Liking the reduce &amp; reuse. I have similar issues with beautiful new books... It was especially interesting, 'cause I took a book making class &amp; was making the books. One of the people presenting, had some great ideas on how to start &amp; to quit treating it like a golden object. (which was really hard after it took days to make, and I have horrible handwriting). I ended up passing my favorite one around the class asking for everyone's address... He said he knew another artist, who would hand it to strangers on travels, asking them to write directions. I liked the ideas.
Very adorable! :3<br><br>I truly need to go back to my crafts. I've been busy with schoolwork(going to college in the fall). I think this is the perfect activity to start!
how perfectly adorable
These are so sweet!
Those look awesome, nicely done!
Thank you :-)<br> I like that they're sooo soft.<br>
very cute! :)

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