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A friend of mine dropped into conversation that she thought that I sketch I’d done years ago would look rather cute as an advent calendar. So I spent a little time this week playing with it to see if I could get it to work. Et voilà!! Here is the result!

The tutorial and templates are available to download here

For this project you’ll need:
  • 12 sheets of 220 gsm cream card
  • A printer (I used an inkjet as it seems to take the card a lot better)
  • Double sided tape or quick drying glue
  • A ruler
  • An x-acto knife or scalpel
  • Some ribbon or bakers twine if you intend to hang them up
  • Little presents

Each of these little guys ends up 6cm tall and 4.5cm wide. The head is 4.5 cm wide x 2.8 cm tall x 2.8 cm deep (the perfect size for a little present or chocolate!)


paco_hojaverde (author)2015-12-03

Awesome idea! Just a quick note to potential makers of this project: the downloadable template is no longer free, but for a few dollars, I think it's worth it. Keep up the good work.

rosco2304 made it! (author)2015-12-02

Simple to make, only takes time. Thanks for sharing this! Only comment would be to remember and make all cut slots slightly larger or wider than you need to, then it is a breeze :)

jessyratfink (author)2012-11-19

What a cute Advent calendar!

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