Little Mysterious Figgy




Introduction: Little Mysterious Figgy

I have a Fig plant grown in a 10 inches pot at my apartment balcony. It only receive direct afternoon sunlight for just an hour daily on a non-cloudy day, between April to Sept as the sun direction changes. The soil medium I've used are mix of compost + IBE + Perlite in equal amount. The fig plant is lush with green leaves and happily growing taller in its container.

Come one day, I saw something mysterious happened in the container soil. Something ugly peeking out of the soil surface! There was this mixed feeling then, wondering what could it be - was it a worm or some weeds or some thick root or WHAT??? As I uses new sterile compost soil and what could it be underneath there? Some party going-on there without me knowing?? lol

Since the fig plant is growing well and happy, I do not want to disturb it by messing the soil, so I just monitor & observe the situation closely. As day passes, that ugly fella that peeks out from the soil surface has grown..... it has grown into a handsome 'tree-to-be'..a little mysterious figgy. Am happy at last to have another handsome fig baby here is the growth log video of the mysterious ulgy tremor growing into a handsome baby fig plant.

The Mysterious Little Figgy



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