Three little owls in my gardn. A very simple, just few steps of owl-making. Print out the attachment and photocopy it to the size you want. They look adorable. If you wish to have one, please visit my etsy shop. https://www.etsy.com/shop/JEEoliver?ref=si_shop

Step 1: Print & Cut the Pattern

Print the pattern to the size  you want or photocopy.
omg I'm gonna make a penguin version
<p>Did U make it? If so do you have any pictures</p>
<p>Thnaks!</p><p>so cute :)</p>
sew cute
So so so so so so so cute
So cute!
My daughter thought they were so cute, I had to make one for her. I used buttons for eyes. Here is a pic. http://db.tt/5uz7zd19
do you have facebook, I would like to share your photo....
Feel free to share the pic. The above link is in dropbox.
Could you give me the website for the pattern ?
I dont have special website for the pattern, if you really want it, can you give me ur email address or facebook, then I send it to you directly...
I made some of these for my niece. She LOVED them! I can't sew worth a damn right now though, so I used fabric glue instead for the most part. Worked out quite well! <br>Here they are, hanging out with her &quot;Wolf&quot;. <br>http://i.imgur.com/AIwb2cA.jpg
do you have facebook? if do, i would like to add you and share your photo. Thanks~~~, ya... fabric glue is easier than sewing, furthermore, it saves time too... wait for your good news then!!
ETA: Thank you so much! This was a lovely instructible!
I am making three right now!!!
two finished, sewing the last one!
pls share the final owls with me.
I finished them, but the comment image uploader doesn't work :(
Of course!
ooohww, they look soooo cute! I should give it a try :)
i made 2! they're sooo adorable :)
sweet. my first try looks rather like a penguin but my kids love it :)
Now we have five of them. bit clumsy- my kids helped a little. I changed your design a bit and added wings and a tail to the back piece. for sewing i folded the wings and pinned them. after turning inside out they look really sweet- but more like a sparrow. <br> <br>I have my design on a sheet of paper only but i can digitize it if someone wants to have it.. <br>
Wah! it looks fantastic with the wings, thanks for your design. I will try to sew owls with wings and share with you. Ya... my 2 yrs old son loves them so much. He played and imagined three owls talking to each other.
Awwwww! SO CUTE! ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I'm gonna have to make these!<br/>Kirin :D
Thanks! I will upload more plushie pattern soon.
How sweet!

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