Im going to show you how to make little pictures on your Facebook messages, obviously. Example, a shark or penguin.
Note: will not work in inbox must use in chat box in lower right corner. Given to me by Emily L., Camren J., and calebbrown.id.au (website)
If you know anymore let me know and I will and them and give you credit.

Step 1: Penguin

To make a penguin, you type this wherever you want the penguin. <(") the middle is quotations. 
<p>Thanks! 8)</p>
I'm looking for praying hands if anyone can help me out. You gave lots of good ones. Thanks :)
if you use 8| it makes a different shades picture
3:) <br>
I have that on step 15<br>
Good job! i always wanted to make the smiley things on facebook.
what about :putnam:<br /> <br />
nvrmind<br /> <br />
you missed just one-&nbsp; O.o
&nbsp;done step 21<br /> <br />
this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!
&nbsp;How is this
&nbsp;It goes penguin tongue big smile shark shades
You mean &quot;smilies&quot; or &quot;emoticons&quot;.<br /> <br /> If these short text-strings produce real images, you could grab screen-shots to show here.<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;k ill do that now maybe<br /> <br />

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