Introduction: Little Princess Party Dress

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Get your princess girl ready for the party with this awesome black and red dress and easy diy dress to make at home.

Step 1: Materials Required

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  • Satin cloth- 2 m
  • Red Lace - 2 m
  • Red Ribbon - 2 m , broad ribbion- 3m
  • Black Zip
  • Measuring Tape
  • Red and Black thread
  • Scissor
  • Sewing Machine

Step 2: Measurement

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Measure chest, waist round, shoulder, upper cross section of your arm, abdomen(from upper shoulder to waist because the frock is differentiated in two parts upper and lower) , skirt length(waist to knee)

While taking these measurments be sure to leave a gap of one inch as that is deducted while stitching.

Step 3: Cutting

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Upper Part

  • Cut the front part according to your measurement and back with extra 2 inches of cloth.
  • Divide the back cloth into two halves for stiching zip in between it.

Lower Part

  • Now cut a piece of cloth of about 2 m long (it is according to my measurement) so that more frills can be made.
  • Keep the width of the cloth according to the length you want.

Step 4: Stiching

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Upper Part

Stich the front and back together from sides. Then cut the sides a little for arm like an arc on the extreme corners of the upper part.

Now cut 4 small strips of cloth diagonally and stich 2 of them together and join it in slitted part of upper part ( for arm ) and sew it.

Do this with both corners.

Back side

Sew the cloth by folding it (where the zip has to be placed)

Fold the chest portion 1/2 inch and stich ( both front and back side)

Lower Part

Now attach the lower part by making plates in the cloth to upper part by stiching around it.

fold the bottom portion 1 inch and stich it.

Now attach the zip at the back.

Now make 2 inch broad strips for shoulder and stich it at the upper portion.

Step 5: Lace,Belt and Roses

Picture of Lace,Belt and Roses

Firstly , attach the lace at the bottom portion of the dress.

Then, Make a belt from ribbon at the waist portion.

Rose making

Make a big rose from broad ribbon and attach it at the centre of the belt.

Now , make 6 small roses from ribbon and attach it at the top portion by leaving a bit of space in between them.

Step 6: Final Dress

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A perfect party wear dress for a kid.

Step 7:


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