Introduction: Little Round Memory Jars

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This is a totally awesome substitute for pictures, it's a great way to remember an event or person.
It's easy too!

What you will need:
-a picture of your choice
-a sheet of paper
-a little round jar (you can find em' at Michael's)

Step 1: Paper and Picture Cutting

Picture of Paper and Picture Cutting

Take the circle box and paper/pic. and trace the outside of the circle box. After you cut the paper/pic. out.

Step 2: Jar and Paper/pictures

Picture of Jar and Paper/pictures

Now open the jar and take your picture AND paper, and put paper in the top facing out and picture inside of the jar face inside of the jar. But before you put the picture inside put some glue inside so it will stick.

Step 3: (last Step) Glue the Pic. and Paper In

Picture of (last Step) Glue the Pic. and Paper In

Then take your glue and outline the jar with glue. Your done!

Step 4: So This Is What It Will Look Like

Picture of So This Is What It Will Look Like

Wowza, it's done!


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-06-07

Cool little crafts project.

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