Little Scrap Metal Birds


Introduction: Little Scrap Metal Birds

Check out these little masterpieces! All made from scrap metal parts which would otherwise go into the scrap yard. Stick them in your garden and they'll look fab!

Step 1: [1] Source Your Scrap

First step - Have a good old rummage in the scrap bin. Find yourself a nice little body (no trip to the gym necessary, we're talking metal!) It could be any piece of scrap, but preferably something teardrop shaped with a round extension for a head.

Now to grab yourself 8 screws - (6 small ones for toes, 2 larger for legs) - The more random the better - Adds character

For the back and tail, have a little look in your kitchen drawer for that awkward shaped fork that nobody likes and chop the little bugger in half - sorted! (This will hide any welds later on and make it look ever so quirky)

For the wings, cut out 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large out of any old scrap metal sheet. Slice the edges to form sharp shaped feathers and bend to rough them up.

Step 2: [2] Assemble

Grab that MIG welder and fire away!

It's best to weld the 3 parts to each wing together first, and weld the 3 screws for each foot together, then the leg. Start with the small parts, then build these up and add them onto the body. Finally, weld the fork parts on last, these will cover up any welds.

Step 3: [3] Choose Your Tool

Now just whack that masterpiece on a garden tool! I found a couple of forks lying round, repaired the handles and welded the birds onto them. I also welded an axe to a circular plate and fired a log onto that, made a little mouse to go with it and simply nailed the bird to the axe handle!

Just get creative!



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    Those are great and they look perfect perched on the tools :)