Step 7: Complete frame / electronics deck / servo

Picture of complete frame / electronics deck / servo

You'll need the previous assembly, plus the top and lower deck for this assemble.  Use qty 10 .75 4-40 screws + nuts to complete this step.

you'll need qty 4 4-40 nuts to attach the electronics deck to the main frame.

you'll need qty 2 .5 4-40 screws + nuts to attach the servo. - also, attach the servo BEFORE attaching the top deck...
I found the only really good place for a battery pack was the lower deck, underneath the servo. This only works with a mini servo, as the standard servo gets in the way. I used a 3xAA battery holder, and it fits just fine.

I may use the new-ish 1.6V NiZn rechargeable batteries with this robot. They start fully charged at 1.8V, so they should last a while.
I ran into some trouble on this step. You have to assemble the parts in the right order, or you'll wind up taking it apart and re-doing it.

I suggest the following order:
1) Attach the left side to the bottom deck.
2) Put the left motor shaft through the left side.
3) Slide the right side over the right motor shaft and attach to the bottom deck.
4) Attach the servo to the top deck.
5) Put the top deck in place, and attach the motor first, then the deck screws.