Little Tikes rocking horse snow sleigh - sledge - toboggan

Picture of Little Tikes rocking horse snow sleigh - sledge - toboggan
Need a sledge? If you have one of these popular plastic toys you.ll find that it does the job perfectly, particularly as a pullalong. The underside is a good shape and material for sliding over snow.
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Step 1: Tie rope around horse's neck

Picture of Tie rope around horse's neck
Just tie a rope below handles, keeping rope fairly low down. Pull in a straightish line on snowy grass. For sliding solo downhill this might be hard to steer. Centre of gravity is quite high.

Step 2: Get out and slide!

Picture of Get out and slide!
We found that an adult or older child can pull a 2 or 3 year old safely at a brisk running pace - good exercise for the puller! Or you can tie rope to a buggy and proceed at walking pace.

ASSESS ALL RISKS FOR YOURSELF. Rider should wear gloves. Have fun - we did!

If you try this instructable, you are very welcome to 'Add Comment' about how you got on. Thanks. Dom.

anibioman4 years ago
ha this takes me back i did something similar at my family friends house with a fisher-price see saw aligator but we were around 5 and 7. it was fun.
londonskies (author) 5 years ago
Thanks for advice. Instructable now updated.