Little USB Radar





Introduction: Little USB Radar

A little Usb mobile radar thingy I made from scrap parts, it can be powered on usb (500ma) on any computer.
The motor and usb connector were saved from a dead all-in-one printer.
The radar dish from a old mac computer and the transmitter from a microwave oven.
Everthing else is custom made.

Now we can keep a eye out for ufo's and such...


Got a new "transmitter unit" this time from a old spotlight being thrown away... Cleaned it up and it was perfect for replacement for the old dangerous microwave unit.



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    i wish u show us how to do it

    love the indestructible wish I had more access love the magnetron idea gives the radar more power in my opinion because of the magnetic radiation it gives off more power with increased detecting skills I would stick with the magnatron if i was you I live in a desert so there is more ufo encounters

    Can you post a circuit design, or the partnumbers for the circuit boards you used please?

    Yup, thats right, the project has been locked away due to the berrylium isolator we see on the photo. I will exchange the part when I've got another microwave...

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    please tell me how it works and how you made it

    Funny, I like it !

    Wow thats neat. It look pretty realistic. I would like to warn you that magnatron that you got out a microwave has a highly poisonous pink colour material around the emitter. I would not touch it or inhale any dust it might make if scratched.

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    Isn't it ceramic ?