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A little Usb mobile radar thingy I made from scrap parts, it can be powered on usb (500ma) on any computer.
The motor and usb connector were saved from a dead all-in-one printer.
The radar dish from a old mac computer and the transmitter from a microwave oven.
Everthing else is custom made.

Now we can keep a eye out for ufo's and such...


Got a new "transmitter unit" this time from a old spotlight being thrown away... Cleaned it up and it was perfect for replacement for the old dangerous microwave unit.


jompon2547 (author)2017-10-25

i wish u show us how to do it

Bronexx (author)2016-09-23

love the indestructible wish I had more access love the magnetron idea gives the radar more power in my opinion because of the magnetic radiation it gives off more power with increased detecting skills I would stick with the magnatron if i was you I live in a desert so there is more ufo encounters

SeungsooL (author)2016-04-09

Can you post a circuit design, or the partnumbers for the circuit boards you used please?

ewout (author)2012-11-18

Yup, thats right, the project has been locked away due to the berrylium isolator we see on the photo. I will exchange the part when I've got another microwave...

nikhilm17 (author)ewout2015-10-08

please tell me how it works and how you made it

manutea (author)2015-07-22

Funny, I like it !

eXtremeSomething (author)2012-11-18

Wow thats neat. It look pretty realistic. I would like to warn you that magnatron that you got out a microwave has a highly poisonous pink colour material around the emitter. I would not touch it or inhale any dust it might make if scratched.

manutea (author)eXtremeSomething2015-07-22

Isn't it ceramic ?

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