Picture of Little Zombie Rose
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Our 5yr old niece loves zombies so for Christmas we made her one. You will need:

Needle and thread of varying colors.

Cool Yarn funky colors welcome

Old t-shirts or random cloth

Old pillow (the older the pillow the more realistic the smell!)

Some threaded eletrical wire


A little time and a desire for some kinda weird fun. Enjoy
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Step 1: The Body

Picture of The Body
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First outline your body on the fleece. Then cut two identical pieces .5" larger than your outline. Sew the two halves together following your outline. Cut a hole in the abdomen where you want to stuff it. Then take your pillow un-stuff it, then re-stuff it into Rose. Stuff it tight and be artistic with it! Sculpt and mold the stuffing while keeping it tight. Then using the funky yarn tie off a leg to make it look like it was chewed to the bone and only hanging on by tendons. I also put a piece of yarn around the neck to give her a better defined face. 

Step 2: The Hair

Picture of The Hair
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The technique for the hair is the same technique you will use for the detached eye; just longer strands and tie it to the button. Also my wife made the brains by taking Pink yarn and the funky yarn and tying it over and over again and then trimming off the excess.She made some delicious looking brains. For the hair repeat the steps until Rose has a nice head of hair.

Step 3: The Mouth

Picture of The Mouth
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This is the Technique I used from the mouth. The nose is the same thing I just kept sewing and sewing until I drew something I liked with the thread.

Step 4: The rest

Picture of The rest
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This step is the basic Idea of how I completed the body and the dress. Every doll will be different make it our own.
bayleenator2 years ago
So cute!