Our 5yr old niece loves zombies so for Christmas we made her one. You will need:

Needle and thread of varying colors.

Cool Yarn funky colors welcome

Old t-shirts or random cloth

Old pillow (the older the pillow the more realistic the smell!)

Some threaded eletrical wire


A little time and a desire for some kinda weird fun. Enjoy

Step 1: The Body

First outline your body on the fleece. Then cut two identical pieces .5" larger than your outline. Sew the two halves together following your outline. Cut a hole in the abdomen where you want to stuff it. Then take your pillow un-stuff it, then re-stuff it into Rose. Stuff it tight and be artistic with it! Sculpt and mold the stuffing while keeping it tight. Then using the funky yarn tie off a leg to make it look like it was chewed to the bone and only hanging on by tendons. I also put a piece of yarn around the neck to give her a better defined face. 
So cute!

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