Introduction: Little 'bash' of Craft Supply Caddy - Customize and Make It Work the Way You Want!

There aren't traditional "steps" to this instructable since it wasn't started nor even finished with that intention.  This is a bit more like a post-mortem that I hope it will be helpful to someone else as well. I wasn't getting out much so I organized my craft supplies (again) I realized that the set up wouldn't 100% match the intended tasks. Considering the range of what I would intend to work on with this particular tool and supply organizer I made a few customizations to this very popular, simple white desktop tool caddy sold in all major craft stores and as such, I thought I'd share the latest in line of my personal 'tweaks' to store-bought set-ups. I guess you could say that this is my craft diary, my wishes and ideas that I'd love to share if it helps other people.

I would like to have this craft caddy conveniently in front of me if I were to make miniature items for my nieces dollhouse using glitter, glues, embossing powders, paint, stamps, chalks and so on and so forth

Step 1:

The tuna tins with tiny glass vials to right of the caddy is inspiration for another day!

Step 2:

Although I might use a lot of products that card makers might, these tools and supplies are (for me) used for making dollhouse miniatures.  I hadn't even touched any minis for over a year but today I had a little burst of energy and put it to use by organizing and kitbashing this simple caddy.

Mostly I wanted to move the so-so quality Watercolor paint tubes in favor of a dedicated place for Jeweler's Saw Blades.  They come in little packets by the 12X12's and are package coded by size.  Once these are out of their packages it becomes burdensome to keep them in order!  The teeth are tiny and fine and once a pack of a dozen have a fine wirewrap removed, virtually identical to almost every other blade. (Unless you want to slide that puppy across delicate skin...then a discerning jeweler could probably make an educated guess.

ANYWAYS, I had a nice little wire container 2 inches wide and the exact length of the caddy.  It had 2 wire dividers built in already and  I felt it lent itself well to the task of becoming this mini file-folder/packet sorter. It's mounting legs were aligned for another purpose -- I will work around this but decided not to chop the legs off.  I decided that the tool caddy from Michael's ($7 in the clearance bin.  -  It was missing one screw and the dowel inside which houses a spool for ribbon-dispensing.)  would work well and save my precious table top space.  You can see here some of the mods I made. (caveat: I made some of these changes a while back but just finished this afternoon so I feel odd saying I worked on it lol.)  

In image 1, a strip of magnet that I got free with a spice rack purchase, was glued to the top center of the unit. A bit of CA glue was added due to the average quality of the magnet strip.  I punched a number of stainless steel circles matching the diameter of the Stampendous brand glitter vials and glued a blank to the bottom of each.  One side of this top piece lifts up to load and the now magnetized glitter vials are prevented from tipping and escaping behind the cabinet frustrating me every time I bumped or spun the thing. Plus, it was a good use of mediocre magnet strip...

On the left (frontish) is a preinstalled mounted metal plate - I glued smaller and stronger magnets to the tops of the standard larger glitter cups and embossing powders and they can be found at a glance and plucked for use at my whim.  Also on that plate is a small tea sampler tin (I keep virtually all tins - stay tuned) it is held in place with a very strong rare earth magnet.  While these can be somewhat fragile, this type allows me to store the lower quality paint brushes that would be used for glues and friskets and not slide under the strain OR allow me to simply slide the tin off and take the brushes elsewhere.  These magnets don't even have to be glued onto other metallic items which gives you a tonne of flexibility to move and re-organize when moving into another medium.  (That has happened to me more than once.)  I even used them on some stackable Colorbox Chalk (but those were glued) since I don't plan on collecting any more than these 2.

On the Right(ish) side of the picture shows small shelves with the misc items you see.  No mods on this plane.

Step 3:

On the flip side is the main reason I started this little kitbash.  There are 2 pegs that I previously hung the  larger Martha Stewart glitter tubes on but since I have re-engineered my other Tool caddy kitbash to lean less to tools and more to paints (airbrushing to Tamiya-type models).   I still have to epoxy the wire container to the side but I didn't want to disassemble the whole unit before taking a quick pic for this instructable.  I will leave the pegs for now.  I have a couple smaller things that don't need to hang but might fit nicely.  It's also not bad to give yourself a little room for new supplies in something like this.  Nothing like taking everything apart each time you hit a craft or hobby shop.

The third side was seen in image one and has few changes.  Side 4 is the ribbon dispenser that I'm converting for wires and solders - although I didn't move forward on this last side since I'm not sure I want to add that category of supply here.  I'm thinking that I would want a single use caddy that I could just pull out, use and store when done.  Soldering and other electronic work doesn't happen frequently so even though I COULD fit it all in, I have to choose which items I want to see all day.

I get inspired by just seeing my supplies so having this lovely little caddy turn into something that is for exactly what I want to do and fits my supplies to a 'T' is wonderful.  One day I will be able to do things on a more normal pace than now and when I do, this baby is waiting.  Until then - she's SO Purdy :)

Thanks for reading.  I hope that my attempt to clean up inspires someone to keep beautiful and shiny things close to keep shining a glittery light when other things in life are not so inspiring.

Thanks for reading!


MartyRose made it! (author)2014-01-28

I love the idea of gluing the magnets on things to keep the little metal tins together. Maybe since i'm new to this site, I found it hard to follow some of the narrative and pictures and so probably didn't get it all. but i'm going to save it for another day. Re-purposing things and having them handy to use is right up my alley

TBirdy2010 made it! (author)TBirdy20102014-01-29

I've done some DIY stuff on my blog over at blogspot and found that compared to what I'm used to over there, the images and editing is much more cumbersome.

Of course I do like to add the story to anything I write so some of the 'scatterbrained-ness' could be attributed to my current stress issues. At any rate, I hope you found the info usable or at least interesting; I know there are many ways to 'bottom-out' products that tend to tip over but personally I hate to glue some chunk of wood or such when a simple stainless disc glued instead on a bed of magnets works wonders and maintains the user/hand shape that each company probably spent 10 grand to research lol! So whichever method is used to secure the goods, magnets are our friends. Again, thanks for reading and a friendly comment is appreciated :)

I'll keep working on my editing skills so those who do read can follow along!


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