LittleBits Light Saber





Introduction: LittleBits Light Saber

You want to make a Light Saber out of wood and LittleBits?

Step 1: Find Material That You Want to Make Your Saber Out Of

Step 2: Get a LittleBits Power Module With 9v Battery

Step 3: Get a LittleBits Light Wire

Step 4: Get Clear Tape

Step 5: Build Light Saber

a) connect LittleBits power module to the light wire

b) Wrap light wire with power around your sword material

c) Secure the sword and lights together with clear tape

Step 6: Turn on Power and Enjoy



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    good job you could use a tube to cover

    Great job lil man! You have an amazing great future! Never Stop Growing in Knowledge and Passion! Always ask Questions! There are never odd questions, Only Questions will grow passion in our minds and heart!

    u da real MVP

    :,,,,,) INSPIRATION

    There are odd questions. but those odd questions are the ones that get noticed and spark great ideas in the minds of young and old. an odd question actually shuldn't be called an odd question so much as a great question.

    Nicky from your biggest fans! Keep thinking of cool and great things to make;) that will spark everyone's imagination- Ana & Jose


    Beautiful, yet some water tube may look more cute:>

    Love this. Could be interesting to buy some thick mylar and create a tube to cover the beam!