Picture of LittleHouse

I made a little house, sort of a maquette.
The inspiration was a project by Arne Lijbers, a student at the TU Delft.

I started drawing a flat house in illustrator and then cut it out with the lasercutter in 2,5 mm thick cardboard.
This was the first time i worked with the laser cutter So of course some things went wrong
First the head of the laser was dirty so it took 5 times with a speed of 0,7 and power on 100% to cut out the cardboard, and Then I still had to cut some things out.. But the second time after cleaning the head of the laser i had to laser it two times with the speed on 0,7 and the power on 100% and that went well.

After glueing the house together (with wood glue) i saw that i missed a couple of millimeters in the front of the house,  i adapted this in the blueprint attachted to this document.

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Step 1:

Picture of

-The cardboard i used was 2,5mm thick an 40cm x 50cm.
- This is made on a Trotec lasercutter Speedy 300
-Make sure the lines in the illustrator drawing are red lines and 0,001 cm thick.
-The categorie material on: Paper
  and the name on: Cardboard
-The power on 100%
- The speed on 0,07
- Cut it two times (this is because i made it with cardboard and you don’t want to start a fire)

Step 2:

Picture of
foto huisje1.JPG
foto huisje2.JPG
foto huisje3.JPG
After de house was cut out, i cleaned it al little bit with a dry towel and cut out by hand the small pieces that din’t came out.
De backwall fits in the sidewalls, glue this together and glue the floors in the house, don’t glue the front wall so you still can open the house.

If you don't want to glue it, you can always choose to make a connection in the material and cut it with the lasercutter. I think the next time i will do that.

After the house was finished i added Griptape on the rooftop and fance on the balcony.

Very cool!