I made a little house, sort of a maquette.
The inspiration was a project by Arne Lijbers, a student at the TU Delft.

I started drawing a flat house in illustrator and then cut it out with the lasercutter in 2,5 mm thick cardboard.
This was the first time i worked with the laser cutter So of course some things went wrong
First the head of the laser was dirty so it took 5 times with a speed of 0,7 and power on 100% to cut out the cardboard, and Then I still had to cut some things out.. But the second time after cleaning the head of the laser i had to laser it two times with the speed on 0,7 and the power on 100% and that went well.

After glueing the house together (with wood glue) i saw that i missed a couple of millimeters in the front of the house,  i adapted this in the blueprint attachted to this document.

Step 1:

-The cardboard i used was 2,5mm thick an 40cm x 50cm.
- This is made on a Trotec lasercutter Speedy 300
-Make sure the lines in the illustrator drawing are red lines and 0,001 cm thick.
-The categorie material on: Paper
  and the name on: Cardboard
-The power on 100%
- The speed on 0,07
- Cut it two times (this is because i made it with cardboard and you don’t want to start a fire)

<p>Very cool!</p>

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