Picture of Live Air Traffic on YOUR computer!!!!!
This instructable will teach you how to look at various airports air traffic (only includes major international airports).

I am not liable for the use of the information contained in this instructable.

If you are planning any terrorist attacks (which I hope not), then please don't mention me... lol

Now to the Instructable...

Step 1: The Website!!!

Picture of The Website!!!
Click the link: Yes, this one. Accept the Terms and conditions and continue. You are now viewing Sydney International Airport's air traffic!

To change the airport, type into the address bar: http://[INSERT AIRPORT CODE HERE].webtrak-lochard.com/template/index.html

Please Note: There are limitations too webtrack. You cannot go outside of the radar area. All US air traffic radars are password protected. Webtrack does not support all airports. Only major international airports like Heathrow.
jaxxster13 years ago
link down
louieaw6 years ago
I don't know if anybody else has the problem, but with most US airports, it asks for a code
louieaw louieaw6 years ago
not a code, a logon
RedFlash (author)  louieaw5 years ago
Sorry I haven't responded lately, but I've been away. All of the american airports ask for an access code
try this link to other airports http://www.futurastudios.com/atc.html
Here's the screenshot of my Airport
none of the American airports seem to work
hey the part where u said u could change the airport doesn't work for me. could u post a working example
Please refrain from tactless jokes in the future - I am from New York, and find your terrorist comment offensive. Other than that, this is an interesting instructable.
RedFlash (author)  valhallas_end6 years ago
Consider it removed!
RedFlash (author)  valhallas_end6 years ago
No Prob
kroner6 years ago
This is NOT live!! it is a replay of flights recorded in and out of a particular airport but does not include the last 2 days. Anything before that can be seleted to view. Still, something to pass the time with.
RedFlash (author)  kroner6 years ago
It is live as it says the time on the sidebar and when I google the flight number of a particular plane, the information on the page says: Just taken off or the time that it is about to land is close to the finishing time of the flight
kroner RedFlash6 years ago
When I tried it for Heathrow, the date in the calendar was for 2 days ago and the dates for the current day and the day before were greyed out and unselectable.
RedFlash (author)  kroner6 years ago
Yeah, it doesn't work for heathrow, but it works for the Australian airports.
HappyHarry6 years ago
The sad fact is that the information on this site is nearly all faked, I have lived near Heathrow for a lot of years and know it and BAA very well. I have looked up lots of aircraft after waiting the two day "security" period and not found any data matching what I actually saw in the sky. If you don't believe me ask someone who lives near Heathrow about the night flights at 3:45 am and then try to find one in Webtrack, you won't find it. It's just more BAA misinformation like making changes to the flight-paths when something big is announced so that it goes unreported, as when T5 was opened, the flight paths changes went unnoticed, but they had not planned on the sort of sad publicity it got. The two day “security” period is just to make you think its real data but it isn’t, BAA have a massive department that’s dedicated to putting out this sort of misinformation and has done for years. If you enjoy playing with Webtrack then it’s harmless I suppose but don’t think that you are looking at any real data, sorry.
RedFlash (author)  HappyHarry6 years ago
It is real time. I googled a flight number that had just taken off from Brisbane airport (AUS) and the flight details from another website that tracks the flight
xadevox6 years ago
where do i type the code for the airport?

And you change the "syd" to the IATA code of the airport.
Derin liteoner6 years ago
Does the ICAO work?
Derin Derin6 years ago
I realized the ICAO code does not work.
RedFlash (author) 6 years ago
Does anyone know a way to view the US traffic without authentication?
Bill_D_3rd6 years ago
Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta (ATL) has their own web site to listen to the tower, the center, or the departure control and to view the various radar screens. There is a slight time delay but it is still pretty amazing!


RedFlash (author)  Bill_D_3rd6 years ago
That's cool!