Once we finished the entertainment center that sits in our living room, we realized we needed to update the rest of the furniture to match. We decided to replace the end table in our living room with this modern, mixed-media table.

This table is made out of a solid hardwood table-top (made out of cherry and maple) which sits on top of a recessed frame. The frame is connected to a shelf with polished stainless steel tubes. 

This is a great project if you know some basic woodworking and like seeing results fast! The simplicity of the legs really speeds up the construction process, because unlike most furniture this design doesn't require any complex joinery. My dad and I probably spent a full week on this project.

Step 1: Design

We wanted this table to match the entertainment center, and the kitchen table in the adjacent room, so using cherry and maple were natural wood choices. We also wanted to get some experience with making mixed-media furniture, and so we decided to use polished metal tubes for the legs.  

We designed this table to replace an existing piece of furniture, so we just took dimensions off of that to get the general sizing. Then we used SketchUp to tweak the details of the design. 
<p>It's beautiful!</p>
<p>Technically that edge you have there is called wane wood. It is normally considered a defect too. I understand you're using it as a feature but just figured I'd share anyways.</p>

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