Live Edge TV Stand




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Introduction: Live Edge TV Stand

Here's another project from my wood shop in Upstate NY. This was a birthday present for my brother. He had just bought a new flat screen TV and had it sitting on a glass display case so I made this for him.

Step 1:

I started with 2 slabs of Ash. Then I discovered several of these 8 ft tapered Oak legs with cast iron "feet" hanging in the rafters in the basement of an old barn on our property. I have no idea what they were originally for but I thought they would work great as legs for this TV stand.

Step 2:

I cut the legs to the length and angle I needed and sanded a lot!

Step 3:

I stained all the wood, added poly to the legs and glaze coated the Ash pieces.

Step 4:

I assembled all the parts and painted the "feet".




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    Fantastic project! I love seeing unique bits and pieces of random stuff put to good use like this. The cast feet on those poles make me wonder if they were used for a tent structure of some kind . . perhaps? Who knows! ;)

    Really nice job!

    It has a mid- century feel in the splayed legs but the live edge comes off as being superbly mingled with them, a masterpiece. Oh yeah, almost forgot, I like it too. ☺