With fabric, dowels, and paints, you can make a fold-up teepee that Crazy Horse would be proud of. This design came from a 1978 "Homemaking Booklet" that my mom has in her book-trove. She made a larger version that I remember playing in as a kid. This is the toddler-sized edition. 

Total Cost: (canvas, dowels, paints, brushes) = $50

Time to Make: ~ 8 hours (less if you're not taking pictures and you have some sewing experience)

Tools Required: scissors, drill, saw, sewing machine

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Here are the supplies you need:
  • Heavy Fabric: 3.5 yards x 45 inches (~$16 for 3 yards x 60 inches of canvas at Fabrics R Us)
  • Dowels: 5x 5 feet long  (~$2.50 each at Home Depot -> $14 total) NOTE: you can also use 1" PVC pipe
  • Fabric Paints: (~$6 each at Michael's, only used two -> $12)
  • Paint Brushes: (~$5 for a 25-brush variety pack at Michael's)
  • Shoelace or Leather Boot Lace (not shown: ~$3)
TOTAL: $50
<p>Thanks for sharing this! I just finished it last night and this is what my son will be coming down to this (Christmas) morning. I didn't have time to paint it, but did make a couple faux bear skin rugs out of &quot;sherpa fleece&quot; for the floor.</p>
<p>Nice, looks awesome! Thanks for posting. </p>
very good explained!
thank you!
Nice teepee. <br /> <br />The GIF's are a fun addition. I'm guessing that that animated GIF tutorial worked out?
yes indeed! <br>

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