Picture of Living Wall Art
Want to bring the outdoors in?  Here is a quick project using Air plants  you can add to any room for an outdoorsy feel.   This project works esp well for bathrooms!  The best part is that you do not need to water regularly like a potted plant! 

Air plants
Thin wire
Glue gun
Sheet moss
Any other decorative mosses

Step 1: Frame the moss

Picture of Frame the moss
Using the frame measure the amount you will need and cut off the correct portion from the sheet of moss.   Have your glue gun ready to glue each side to the inside of the frame. 
Panda693 months ago

Is the sheet moss a live plant or artificial?

mb.marcie (author)  Panda693 months ago
It is not live, though I think it's dried out. Its been a few yes and I don't remember if its artificial or not, I don't think so. I imagine either would work. :) Good luck!
Very cool. There is a building in Paris on the Left Bank, near the Eiffel Tower and it is covered in plants just like this. Always wondered how they did it.
tscott251 year ago
Absolutely love the creativity with this! :-) Superb kudos! One question I might have not read directions RIGHT? So you tie/glue the plants to the full sheet of moss that covers the frame backing right ??? Again thanks so much for the Share! :-) :-) :-)
mb.marcie (author)  tscott251 year ago

Thank you! Tie it on the sheet moss, yes.

FYI- My plants lasted about a year and a half after this project. My guess is that, though the bathroom where it was hanging got very humid quite often, it wasn't enough water/humidity. If I were you I would consider making them some kind of wire resting place- so they are not secure. Then you can take them out maybe once every couple weeks and let them soak in a sink full of water. :) Or be prepared to soak your entire frame.

kirnex2 years ago

I've seen this at the high-end decor stores, and have been wanting to try my hand at it. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing. It came out beautifully. I definitely need to try this out!
leonardml3 years ago
What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. i can't wait to try one myself!
rush2ady4 years ago
Gorgeous! very creative!
ChrysN4 years ago
quick , easy and beautiful. Very nice..