Picture of Living Wall
Me presenting Living Wall.jpg
LED lit 2' square steel vertical wall on wheels; walking requires a long sturdy extension cord for full effect. Lighting support provided by my friend John "Parts" Taylor of LumiGeek. CAD file support provided by my friend Aaron Porterfield.

Step 1: Design

Picture of Design
Flower of Life and Seed of Life.png
I embarked on an exploration of what a living wall could be... I settled on 2' square vertical wall with a center design influenced by sacred geometry, specifically the "Flower of Life".

Step 2: Cardboard prototype

Picture of Cardboard prototype
2013-10-08 10.49.29.jpg
2013-10-08 12.19.48.jpg
2013-10-08 12.19.06.jpg
2013-10-08 12.51.16.jpg
I used the Epilog 120 Watt Laser to cut cardboard into a scaled prototype to reality check aesthetics.

Step 3: Wood prototype

Picture of Wood prototype
2013-10-09 17.31.40.jpg
2013-10-09 17.20.59.jpg
Feels pretty good, let's move on to metal...

Step 4: Steel Frame

Picture of Steel Frame
2013-10-15 17.09.18.jpg
2013-10-16 11.10.18.jpg
2013-10-26 12.01.52.jpg
Cut 2" Steel Square Tube into sections to create a 24" x 24" Vertical Frame and 10" x 24" Horizontal Base. Reality checked the Golden Gate Bridge art piece on top of the wall - GGB is a bit much, as it feels like it overpowers the Living Wall's presence...

Step 5: Waterjet cutting the "Flower of Life" into 1/16" thick Steel sheet

Picture of Waterjet cutting the
2013-10-29 11.24.25.jpg
2013-10-29 12.25.51.jpg
2013-10-29 13.21.56.jpg
I cut the design using the Omax waterjet. The Cut file was the most challenging given the 64 individual cutouts, mostly straightforward removing pieces as the cut progressed. Files attached - enjoy :)

Step 6: Sandblasting and Welding, and more sandblasting

Picture of Sandblasting and Welding, and more sandblasting
2013-11-08 14.15.52.jpg
2013-11-08 14.29.13.jpg
2013-11-08 15.18.18.jpg
2013-11-08 15.18.07.jpg
This step went smoothly...

Step 7: Painting the Wall

Picture of Painting the Wall
2013-11-08 17.28.58.jpg
We have come full circle in getting the finished frame and inset design back to metallic color; I used Krylon Nickel Shimmer and painted it in the spray booth (very important considerations involved given the Pier 9 location on top of the San Francisco Bay).

Step 8: Diffuser tubing to block direct viewing of LED lighting

Picture of Diffuser tubing to block direct viewing of LED lighting
2013-11-22 16.40.09.jpg
2013-11-22 16.29.39.jpg
I used High-Pressure/Vacuum Polyethylene Tubing (0.814" ID, 1" OD, 3/32" Wall Thickness, White) to make strips that fit between the frame and the interior design to block direct viewing of the RGB LED strip that I will be running inside the frame. I used a Pneumatic Shear to cut the tubing in half longways, then a Dremel with the 1" cutter attachment to notch the tube ends to fit into the frame. Video is of me using the pneumatic shear;
Living Wall - Step #8(516x290) 17 KB
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GrahamAbbey27 days ago

all work are amazing.

GrahamAbbey27 days ago

all work are amazing.

masterloops2 months ago

Put this up for sale.. dude its gonna make some serious dollar

timmylip (author)  masterloops2 months ago


KanwarSingh3 months ago

just one word-epic :)!!!!!!!!

timmylip (author)  KanwarSingh3 months ago
HarryLaine3 months ago

nice stuff $$$$$$$

timmylip (author)  HarryLaine3 months ago


indiadumbells3 months ago

fantastic work..

timmylip (author)  indiadumbells3 months ago
timmylip (author)  wifevashikaranhusband5 months ago
timmylip (author)  paddydehusker5 months ago
timmylip (author)  chrispine125 months ago


timmylip (author)  gymequipments6 months ago
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timmylip (author)  Davidprior6 months ago


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Wolfbane22110 months ago
Did you know the pattern you used in the steel is a boardgame invented by Davinci I believe. Hope I spelled that right! correct me if I'm wrong!
timmylip (author)  Wolfbane22110 months ago
utilized by DaVinci but not invented by him - he was a strong student of "lost" knowledge
timmylip (author) 10 months ago
I have added the DWG and related files so you may use and play with these designs :)