LED lit 2' square steel vertical wall on wheels; walking requires a long sturdy extension cord for full effect. Lighting support provided by my friend John "Parts" Taylor of LumiGeek. CAD file support provided by my friend Aaron Porterfield.

Step 1: Design

I embarked on an exploration of what a living wall could be... I settled on 2' square vertical wall with a center design influenced by sacred geometry, specifically the "Flower of Life".
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<p>all work are amazing.</p>
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<p>fantastic work..</p>
Did you know the pattern you used in the steel is a boardgame invented by Davinci I believe. Hope I spelled that right! correct me if I'm wrong!
utilized by DaVinci but not invented by him - he was a strong student of &quot;lost&quot; knowledge
I have added the DWG and related files so you may use and play with these designs :)

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