Step 14: Conclusion

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You may notice that many of the ideas I've presented overlap, and that some of them are a little vague. Being energy efficient is in many aspects a way of thinking, and the more concious you are of energy use, the more energy conservation will seep into the different aspects of your life. The best way to be energy efficient is different for each individual household, but by being aware of how energy is used, and making concious desicions, energy efficiency will come naturally.

By changing our way of thinking, and just a few of our habits, we can save money, reduce energy use, and help our environment. None of the ideas I've presented here are new, but I feel obligated to share them because they work, and have improved our lives. If we all make just one minor change in the way we use energy, it will make a huge impact on the world we live in.

I hope you've enjoyed my first Instructable, and that it has given you an energy saving idea or inspiration. Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions.
mstrutz6 years ago
All of your ideas/suggestions are wonderful. In regards to water heaters; changing to a tankless system is also an option. Especially for individuals who live in condos and are not able to install a solar system.