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    Even though I have both of my hands and I'm a righty, I think I should be a lefty because my left eye, ear, and foot (no testicles to try out) are both dominant. However, my school encouraged everyone to use their right hands and so that's what I did.

    awe gee. i learned to swallow my whole arm. you have it easy (;

    There is anotheer aspect to step 4. Although it is becoming lesss prevalent in this day and age. Film companies that still do practical FX often hire people with missing appendages for limb tear/cut gags. As a somewhat related side note: People missing appendages aren't limited to just those types of roles. Filmmakers are constantly on the lookout for things that make a person just right for a role. Sometimes the casting department doeesn't even know what they are looking for until they see it. People fool themselves into thinking that they can't fill roles like this because they have one less body part than other people. Yes there will be rejection when trying out for roles, but EVERYONE gets rejected... a LOT.

    Thanks for adding this! And I would like to add that you can also be casted for 'normal' roles, which is proved by Jamel Debbouzze: He misses his right arm but played in famous movies as Amélie and Asterix & Obelix, they just hided his handicap in a smart way. And Cerrie Burnell with one half arm got presentator of CBeebies in the UK where they don't even hide her handicap which I think is good because the little children learn to understand handicaps etc.

    ...than "typical" people. You are exceptionally talented and way beyond mundane "normal" merijnvw. Way to go. Well done. Excellent Instructable. Thanks

    and thanks again!

    Absolutely. One just has to look at people like Aimee Mullins. Not only is she an exceptional athlete but is also an actress and a highly popular model. She is of course absolutely gorgeous to boot.

    ummmm (blush blush) can an old lady such as myself add that i think you are one handsome dude?

    Yes you can I have no problem with that, thanks!

    Due to a brain injury I don't have full function of my left hand. One highly recommended book is "one handed in a two handed world" by Tommy-K. Mayer www.tommyekmayer.com . Also there is software to help one learn to type one handed using a standard keyboard, that doesn't require a special layout Dvorak keyboard or drivers installed into the computer. Meaning with learning this way you can walk up to any computer and start to use it. Great instructable.