Introduction: Lizard Lair

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Step 1: Empty Pot

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Get an empty pot clay or plastic.

Step 2: Gravel

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Get gravel or small rocks and fill the bottom of the pot two inches high.

Step 3: Sticks and Twigs

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Get sticks and twigs and fill the pot to the top with those items.You can add some leaves if you want to.

Step 4: Entrances

Picture of Entrances

Lean however many sticks you want on the side of of the pot for the lizard to get in its lair.

Step 5: Cover

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Plant plants around your lizard lair so the lizards will have protection from their predators.

Step 6: Why Does This Help

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Lizards like to crawl in safe tight places.The best places to put your lizard lair is by a tree,by a bush or in your garden.You can put some fresh veggies by the lizard lair to help attract it.


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