Introduction: Llama Using Snake Puzzle

Picture of Llama Using Snake Puzzle

Step 1: Two Blocks Down

Picture of Two Blocks Down

Count two blocks down on the side angle and twist

Step 2: Twist the Long Bit

Picture of Twist the Long Bit

Twist up the long bit of the snake puzzle

Step 3: Two Blocks Side

Picture of Two Blocks Side

Count two more blocks starting from the triangle pointing up till it matches with the other two then twist it (shown in picture)

Step 4: Making the Other Leg

Picture of Making the Other Leg

Count three blocks and then twist down on the fourth one

Step 5: Same Process

Picture of Same Process

Do the same process as step 2

Step 6: Six Blocks

Picture of Six Blocks

Count up six blocks starting from the last triangle at the bottom

Step 7: Making the Head

Picture of Making the Head

Count two triangles then twist upwards

Step 8: Twist Back

Picture of Twist Back

Twist all the leftovers back

Step 9: Making the Ears

Picture of Making the Ears

Count two blocks starting from the last end and then twist those two blocks upwards

Step 10: Now It's Done

Picture of Now It's Done


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