USB Motorcycle Key


Introduction: USB Motorcycle Key

About: no hay limites para la imaginación

Llave de encendido Para moto USB

Step 1: Materiales

1 terminal macho USB
1 terminal Hembra USB
1 Relé

Step 2: Paso 1

Soldar cables a terminal 

Step 3:

Consegir Relay pequeños, vienen en las tarjetas de los ups

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Step 7: Instalando



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    como lo haces para codificar la entrada del codigo?

    why they cant understand and people like me and others must search every were to understand all instructables? mate this is to start up your motorcycle.
    Buen trabajo colega!!!

    What is it? What does it do?? How does it work???

    Q pasa si se moja la entrada USB?

    Will be very nice if you add more details to your build!