These are open instructions for making yourself a lo-fi space* helmet** from household trash.***

*Don't wear your space helmet into space.

**This is a helmet for human space travel. Which is to say that it is neither an alien helmet nor a robot garment of any sort.

***It's trash until you make a space helmet with it, at which point it becomes a component. Space travel is confusing, I know.

Step 1: Supplies

Lots of junk. (You will find this in junk drawers, under your bed, in your roommates top drawer, anywhere.)
A large box or popcorn tin. (Must be big enough to fit your head)
Hot glue.
Metallic silver spray paint.
Hi, this is a really great instructable! I would love to watch the video you embedded, but it is currently set to private. <br /> <br />-aO
Hi audreyobscura!!! <br>This video went back online today. Somehow, it made it into a film competition and we were told to keep quiet with it! <br>Thanks!
<br> LOL! That video is Whack! Have to let that metallic paint dry before wearing <br>or travel through time and space is inevitable. Props!

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