This was quite an easy project, with the help of my Dad, (no jig-saw blades for me!) we simply cut out the shape, I painted on it, then we screwed two pieces of an old belt to make straps.
Very nice! Thanks for sharing! <br>Sunshiine
Oh and Dusk could be link (sorry but he might get jealous you being my hero and all hehe) and you could be whatever (maybe the fairy hehe jk)
I don't get jealous that easy but yeah i would rather be link
No, you would be Dark link, and I would be Link! Sheesh, I thought you liked being evil. <br>
Didn't know about dark link But i save her..kinda cuz shes my girlfriend so don't start flirting
You didnt know about dark link?
Well kinda not really
Like this?
Only i wouldn't need to carry her
And nah more like this p.s is the fairy turned into a demon or is just a bad fairy???
lol i think i an say that on my own Zelda (oh god that's going to stick)
It better not!!!
Make YOU the ear pieces? Isn't that a bit girly?
Can you make ME the ear pieces???
for Lilly of course did i say me??? that's really creepy
Make a princess Zelda costume for me!!!
I would look so friken hot in that skirt!!!! we could use Mad Hatters ible on the crown too!!! and well i look hot in anything lol hehe jk
really cool, simple yet effective. :-)
Thanks! :D

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