Step 2: Salted Potatos

There are some sections of the USA where boiled potatos with a heavy salt crust are very popular, Im not from there but the idea is a tasty one. I put 5 handfulls of salt into approx a quart of water, inserted the washed potatos and brought to a boil until a knife inserted easily, they were then allowed to cool
Very good recipe!
thank you
Hey l8nite,<br><br>I like your straightforward recipes, in this one though, on the salt, when you say, &quot;5 handfuls&quot;, what would you say (wild, ballpark, guess) that would be in maybe tablespoons, or quarter-cups, or whatever? <br><br>Thanks again for the interesting ideas!<br><br>cheers
I'm glad you like my recipes, I don't think of myself as a cook or chef, just a dad who enjoys eating and who has learned over the years how to make inexpensive dishes tasty, of course some of my experiments in the kitchen have been less than well received (LOL) <br> <br>If you look under the supplies, I put about a cup of salt, which is about 5 good palm fulls for me. As this was the first time I made these it was just a guess on my part, ( I thought that was a LOT of salt) in retrospect I could have doubled or even tripled the amount of salt, the cooked potatoes should have an almost white crust of salt when cooled. Of course you don't have to salt them much at all if you don't want or add gralic to the water or use cannola oil instead of bacon grease. <br> <br> If you do make these please let me know along with and changes you made or would make for the next time
Om nom nom nom...potatoes fried in bacon grease! Sounds delicious.
mmMmmmm...bacon makes life worth living... unless your my cardiologist ! lol... Thank you for visiting MY version of fried potatos !

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