I created the location-food clock as a way to notify my mom about where I am and whether or not I have eaten the appropriate meals for the day. It uses the location from my smartphone and turns the clock hands to one of three positions: Home, School or Elsewhere. The hands of the clock have three lights accounting for the three meals of the day. Whenever I have a meal, I press a button on my phone (using the IFTTT app) and the appropriate lamp lights up. At the end of the day, if all three lights are on, my mom would be relieved and happy to know that I have had food throughout the day. At midnight (my local time), the lights would all turn off. This clock was created with just my data, but in the future, I plan to add more hands for other members of my family as well. I have wanted to make something like this since I was about 18 years old and my mom would call me twice a day to ask if I had eaten and later on when I started working, my dad would ask me if I was at work or had already left. I wish I had this clock then!

The project was also slightly inspired by the Weasley clock from the Harry Potter world.

Step 1: Things Required

Adafruit Feather HUZZAH with ESP8266 WiFi

Servo motor

RGBW Neopixel LEDs - 3

Rapid Set Cement All - 10 lb pack (optional)

Acrylic paints (colours of your choice)

Takeaway containers of two different sizes


Soldering iron and solder

An account on Adafruit IO

An account on IFTTT

<p>I made a location based clock similar to this. Great job and feel free to check out mine!</p>
<p>That is amazing. I know that my mother would love to have one of these. One thing to consider is that you could make the indicators all LEDs or a video screen. So for instance you could have a different color LED for each family member, and mount one at each location. Then the food chart could be a little LED bar graph to the side. </p>
<p>Hey, thank you for your great suggestions! That's the wonderful thing about this is that you can make it with lights or displays or any other way, whatever suits your budget and purpose. For my project, I wanted something more analog since we already have so many screens in our life, hence I chose to go with the clock hand metaphor. Thank you for checking out my project!</p>
<p>This is really cool!! Great work!</p>
<p>Thank you for your encouraging words and for checking out my project!</p>
<p>Real life Weasley family clock from Harry Potter.Well done!</p>
<p>Thank you so much!</p>
<p>My mom would love this. Great idea. Every conversation as a kid would always start the same way. &quot;Did you eat? What did you eat? Did you eat it all?&quot;</p>
<p>Exactly! I am glad other people can relate to this too. I hope you build one yourself, and share your project if you do. Thanks for checking out my work!</p>

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