Lock an Altiods Container





Introduction: Lock an Altiods Container

There are thousands of uses for Altiods aside from eating them. However if they can open unintentionally it can make them far less effective. Outlined in this intractable is how to build a free easy lock for an Altoids case.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project you will need a set of needle nosed pilars, wirecutters, a paper clip, a thumbtack, and an Altoids container.

Step 2: Straighten and Cut Paperclip

Using the needle nose pilars striagten the paper clip. (It doesn't have to be perfect) then cut a small piece of the paperclip with wirecutters.(see image two for approx. size)

Step 3: Punch a Hole

Use the Thumb Tack to punch a hole through both parts of the Altoids tin. This is easier said then done you may have to do one section.

Step 4: Bend the Paper Clip

For the first bend make a 90 degree bend about twice the size of the hole down the piece of paper clip. For the second bend stick the 1st bend into the hle and mark where the clip reaches the top. Then bend again at 90 degrees to create a 'c' shape.

Step 5: Volia!

You Should have something that looks like this. To lock the case slide the smallest end in the hole, lift the long end up and then slide down.



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    34 Discussions

    simple, safe (exluding thumbtak), and easy...5 stars

    i like to make another ben in the unbent end of the paperclip and put it in a second hole in the lid so it doesn't swivel around

    Awesome i used it on my mini notebook and mini pen holder but wen i waz making the hole i slipped and shoved the thumb tack in my thumb :(

    1 reply

    thats why its called a THUMB tack. Its just a nicer term for the midevil torture item Thumb Screws.

    Perfect !!!. i use altoids for keeping gunpowder (ect.) in and it opens unintentionaly sometimes. GREAT instructable. 13.5/10

    8 replies

    Wow you keep gunpowder in a METAL tin. Very unsafe. What if there happen to be a static spark while the gunpowder was in there. That would end badly. Not recomended

    Or put it in a anti-static bag. (Or better, melt one over it, although take the gunpower out first.)

    To punch a hole use a fully metal thumbtack (the old-fashioned ones) and hammer it through with a hammer.

    I'd make a hooked end that rotates(just through the bottom, then use an L-shaped pieceto lock it.

    From what I can tell this looks like a simple lock if anyone is curious how it works I would say you pierce both the lid and the tin and the paper clip keeps them from opening. The hook only keeps the clip from sliding out which would be possible if it were in an L instead of a J shape. Its clever, its simple and I shall start using this instead of a strap/rubber band.